American Idol Fans Say Nicolina Bozzo Won Competition Long Time Ago? [Credit: American Idol/YouTube]

‘American Idol’ Fans Say Nicolina Bozzo Won Competition Long Time Ago?

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American Idol fans say Nicolina Bozzo won the competition a long time ago. As TV Shows Ace previously reported, fan-favorites Christian Guardino and Jay Copeland went home on Sunday’s episode. Now, they’re placing their bets on Bozzo to win the entire competition.

They’ve been outspoken about the ones they like the most and the ones they like the least. The latest episode of the ABC singing competition showed the Top 7 competing for a spot in the Top 5 round. The stakes got higher during the episode when the Top 5 would not only move on but also be mentored by alum Carrie Underwood.

American Idol Jay Copeland [Credit: American Idol/YouTube]
[Credit: American Idol/YouTube]

Christian Guardino and Jay Copeland eliminated

During the Top 7 round of American Idol, Christian Guardino relied on his raw talent. He performed Justin Bieber’s “Lonely” for the first round. Then, he dedicated his next performance to his mom in time for Mother’s Day. He put his own twist on Smokie Norful’s “Dear God.”

Both of his emotional performances made an impact on the judges and the viewers at home. Unfortunately, it was not enough to keep him in the Top 5 round. The audience didn’t feel the same way about his performances. They sent him home. American Idol fans were disappointed with their decision.

Some of them think the show has become more about looks than talent. Meanwhile, Jay Copeland fought to stay in the competition. He worked on improving his pitch and vocal techniques with the help of celebrity guest mentor of The Black Eyed Peas.

American Idol Christian Guardino [Credit: American Idol/YouTube]
[Credit: American Idol/YouTube]
During the first round, Copeland performed Whitney Houston’s classic song “I Have Nothing.” In the second round, he dedicated Boyz II Men’s “A Song For Mama” to his mother. Judges loved both of Copeland’s performances. They felt that he was finally coming into his own.

However, that wasn’t enough to win over America. He was the next contestant to go home. This left Fritz Hager, HunterGirl, Leah Marlene, Noah Thompson, and Nicolina Bozzo as the remaining contestants in the competition. Fans are not happy with the Top 5 and have already chosen their favorite.

American Idol fans place bets on Nicolina Bozzo

Most American Idol fans on Twitter feel that Nicolina Bozzo is the only worthy singer who’s left. They are rallying behind her so that she can win Season 20. They don’t support the other contestants, which include a mix of country singers and similar-style artists.

  • “Nicolina is my only hope for the show…”
  • “All I have left to hope for now is Nicolina. If she gets voted off I’m done.”
  • “If Nicolina doesn’t win… #AmericanIdol can go ahead and end for good.”
  • “Just so you know Nicolina is amazing and she’s deserving to win just like Christian Guardino but American Idol has turned into #CountryIdol.”
  • “All that matters is nicolina wins idrc. [SIC]”

What are your thoughts on the latest results on American Idol? Do you agree that Nicolina Bozzo should win Season 20? Sound off below in the comment section.

American Idol Season 20 airs every Sunday at 8 p.m. ET on ABC.

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  1. Christian got robbed. Nicolina should win. Best singer left. They’ve been pushing Noah/Hunter Girl . We don’t need another singer with a guitar. Losers on the show have done better than some winners . Seems like more popularity than the best singer. I’m totally upset about the top 5. Fritz better than Christian or Jay? No way.

  2. Ms Bozzo is in a class by herself. And that’s a fact. Of course the best voice doesn’t necessarily win and that’s just life

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