‘American Idol’ Fans Cry ‘RIGGED’ Over Country Kid Fritz Hager?

American Idol Fans Cry 'RIGGED' Over Country Kid Fritz Hager? [Credit: American Idol/YouTube]

American Idol fans haven’t been happy with Season 20 of the singing competition. They’ve been more outspoken than ever thanks to the power of social media. They’re especially not happy after country kid Fritz Hager made it to the Top 5. Some think he’s “boring and bad” for the show. Read on for their reaction and to learn more about him.

American Idol Fritz Hager [Credit: American Idol/YouTube]
[Credit: American Idol/YouTube]

Fritz Hager’s music career is already taking off

As TV Shows Ace previously reported, Fritz Hager’s music career is already taking off. The American Idol hopeful shared some big news with his followers late last month. He’s already running the world, according to some of his fans. In a previous Instagram post, he admitted that his “dreams have come true.”

Hager hasn’t even reached the end of his journey on American Idol. Yet, his music is already burning up the charts. On Tuesday, April 28, Hager posted a screenshot of the iTunes chart from the previous week. His self-titled EP has been climbing up the music charts thanks to his fanbase called Fritz Nation.

Fritz Hager Wins Over America [Credit: American Idol/YouTube]
[Credit: American Idol/YouTube]
Hager has amassed a dedicated fanbase thanks to his time on Season 20 of American Idol. Fans have been showing their support with their votes every week. Hager thanked his fans for their ongoing support during his journey. He admitted that his “brain is so broken right now” and noted that he wrote one of the tracks “when no one cared or listened to my music.”

Fritz Nation was in a state of shock as well. They continue to support their favorite Idol on the show. It’s the reason why Hager ended up in the Top 5. However, this news is baffling to other American Idol fans. They want Fritz Nation to stop voting for him, especially as his music career takes off.

Outspoken American Idol fans claim the show is “RIGGED”

Unfortunately, Hager had a setback. He tested positive for COVID-19, but he didn’t let it get him down. He still earned a spot in the American Idol’s Top 5. During the Top 7 round, he took a huge risk by performing two of his own original songs called “All My Friends” and “The Ocean.” Both performances left guest mentor Will.i.am. and the celebrity judges emotional.

When it came time to pick the Top 5 of Season 20 of American Idol, they voted for Hager. While most fans were happy for him, others were disappointed. They took to Twitter to call out the audience for saving Hager over Jay Copeland and Christian Guardino. Some think the show is “rigged” because they want their own country kid.

  • “I don’t get this Fritz kid. He’ll be lucky if he gets to sing the Anthem at Nascar race!”
  • “Can everyone stop voting for Fritz on #AmericanIdol? Please. Thank you.”
  • “Fritz is literally so boring and bad… Christian should have stayed.”
  • “And the fact that everyone else had to perform on stage and Fritz got to use his rehearsal video & Noah gets to be in a hotel…Rigged! #AmericanIdol if they country ones win, we already know.”

What are your thoughts on Fritz Hager making it to the Top 5? Do you think he deserves a spot? Or, do you think the show is rigged? Sound off below in the comment section.

American Idol Season 20 airs Sundays at 8 p.m. ET on ABC.

Chanel Adams


  1. It’s a tough one this year as 6 of the 7 Top are/were “top notch”… Fritz VERY MUCH deserves to be in top 5 if not take the title! He’s a true Artist & writes his own music. Do you people even know what that is? Wake up!!! That’s true artistry! If you don’t know that…then you don’t know music & should NOT be voting! Then here comes Noah with a Fleetwood Mac song? Really? Gee how Original (NOT)!!! Noah should of been gone LONG ago. No originality & U want to talk boring? Thats Noah’s middle name & no personality! Ugggh.
    Bye bye Noah 👋

  2. So silly…this happens every single year when people’s favorites get voted out, they yell that it’s rigged and that someone else doesn’t deserve to be there. Not everyone has the same taste in music. And only one person can win, which means a lot of people are going to be disappointed every year unless it’s their favorite. It’s time to grow up people, lol. Just because he isn’t your favorite doesn’t mean he doesn’t deserve to be there. And if he receives enough votes to win than he definitely deserves to win.

  3. Fritz has more REAL talent then all 5 of the finalist put together. He’s Original, He’s Entertaining, his voice is recognizable, He’s unique. He has personality! Compared to the same sounding same nothing other 5 he was a reason to watch American Idol. No need now to watch American Idol on this coming Sunday. It’s OVER. We already have a winner.

  4. Noah has no business being anywhere in the top 10!
    Noah should have been kicked out! Not Fritz!
    Then, they pick Noah over Leah??? That’s a joke!
    It should have been between Leah and Hunter Girl!
    I think everyone should request American Idol turn over all their votes because there is no way Noah is in the top 2. It should have really come down to Fritz and Leah! Hunter girl is already playing in different clubs and stuff so. I will never watch Idol again! So rigid!! So obvious! I just mad!!what a joke!

  5. Fritz is incredible. I don’t see how anyone can find him boring. His EP is great…check out his old stuff on YouTube as a teenager…so incredibly talented even at that age. He absolutely deserved to be top 5. I felt Leah was the only one in the competition that outshined him. Jay is so theatrical. He’ll have a great career on Broadway. I got so tired of Christian’s overly done humility. At some point you have to realize you’re one of the best undiscovered talents in the country and start performing with confidence. Fritz got better as the season progressed. Christian was never bad, but he never showed growth, like Fritz, Leah, and Noah did. I was pulling for a Fritz and Leah showdown, but I was also realistic and predicted all of the top 7 and when each would go home, because I have been watching this show for a really long time and know the type of singer American Idol fans like to vote for.

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