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Whitney Way Thore’s Mom Dripping Wet Bombshell

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Whitney Way Thore’s brother Hunter shared throwback photos of their mother Barbara a.k.a. Babs as he wished her a very happy Mother’s Day. As TvShowsAce previously reported, Whitney also wished her mother a Happy Mother’s Day. She just did it in a less traditional way showing off that her mother was a queen as she revealed her method of eating chicken wings.

In the comments of Whitney and Hunter’s Instagram posts, fans of My Big Fat Fabulous Life made one really big realization. First, Babs was aging like a fine wine. In the comments of Whitney’s Instagram post, fans couldn’t believe her mother was 76. In the comments of Hunter’s posts, fans were whipped into a frenzy as they realized Barbara Thore used to be an absolute babe. In the second photo Hunter shared, fans even went as far as saying she was a dripping wet bombshell.

Whitney Way Thore - Instagram
Whitney Way Thore – Instagram

Whitney Way Thore’s Mom: Dripping Wet Bombshell?

Hunter Thore took to Instagram around lunchtime to pay tribute to his beautiful mother. His tribute included two absolutely breathtaking photos of his mother Babs. The first was an old photo of himself and his mother when he was just a few years old. In the comments, some of his followers admitted they absolutely adored this photo of him and his mother.

The second photo appeared to be a black and white modelesque snap. Whitney Way Thore’s mother was a dripping wet bombshell in the photo. In the comments, fans of My Big Fat Fabulous Life gushed about how much of an absolute stunner Whitney and Hunter’s mom used to be. Others chimed in to point out that Babs was still a bombshell even as she approached her 80s.

Hunter Thore - Instagram
Hunter Thore – Instagram

Twins With Her Mother?

In the comments of Whitney Way Thore’s tribute, many fans seemed to agree that Whitney and her mother looked like twins. Some admitted they had a hard time believing the video was actually Babs because she appeared to continue to get younger every time fans saw her. Many fans swore they thought it was Whitney in the video at first. Some even said they were sure she used some sort of face swap filter.

Hunter Thore - Instagram
Hunter Thore – Instagram

What do you think about these old photos of Whitney Way Thore’s mother? Do you agree with fans that she’s an absolute stunner and a dripping wet bombshell? Do you agree she looks just like Whitney? Let us know in the comments down below.

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