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‘SW’ Christine Brown & Son Quarantined For Mother’s Day?

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Paedon Brown and his mother Christine were forced to quarantine on Mother’s Day this year. Christine and Kody Brown’s son took to both Instagram and TikTok to reveal that he and his mother were trapped in the home quarantining and no one else was allowed to come over. Being under 18, fans assume Truely was also in the house somewhere. Though, it sounded like she may also be keeping her distance from her mother and brother to avoid getting sick.

Paedon- Christine Brown Instagram
Paedon- Christine Brown Instagram

Wait, did Paedon or Christine Brown catch COVID?

Paedon cryptically noted that “someone” got sick yesterday forcing both himself and his mother into quarantine for Mother’s Day. While he jokingly swore up and down it was not him that got sick. He later slipped up and revealed that it was, in fact, him who got sick. Christine Brown was in the background behind the dining room table. She looked to be constructing some sort of wreath.

Christine was quick to chime in and clarify it was NOT COVID-19 that forced her and Paedon into quarantine. She clarified that it was just a stomach bug that forced them to quarantine on Mother’s Day. This was the point in the conversation where Paedon slipped up revealing that it was him with the stomach bug as he spent a chunk of yesterday throwing up.

Paedon - Christine - Brown - Instagram
Paedon – Tiktok

Paedon added that they were both “really sad” that no one else would be joining them to celebrate Mother’s Day. Christine, however, reassured they were going to have a great time playing a Harry Potter game together.

The Sister Wives star didn’t hate her Mother’s Day gift

Christine Brown jokingly concluded the conversation noting that her Mother’s Day gift was essentially going to be to stay home and do absolutely nothing. If she was being honest, however, she didn’t really hate that idea. In the comments, Sister Wives fans had nothing but love for Christine and Paedon. Many fans admitted they were a bit jealous of Paedon as he had “the coolest mom.” Some fans opted to keep their comments simple and merely wish Paedon and Christine to get well soon.

Paedon - Christine - Brown - Instagram
Paedon – TikTok

Sadly, it did not appear as if Christine took to her own profile to upload fans on what was going on with her on Mother’s Day. She, however, did take to Instagram yesterday to tell her followers that Paedon was finally successful in pressuring her into joining TikTok.

Get well soon Paedon and Christine!

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