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Savannah Chrisley ‘Thanks God’ In Beautiful Tribute To Mother Julie

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Savannah Chrisley took to Instagram a few hours ago to pen a beautiful Mother’s Day tribute to Julie. The Chrisley Knows Best star noted that she “thanks God” every day she wakes up as the daughter of the beautiful and incredible, Julie Chrisley. Savannah attached half a dozen snapshots featuring herself and her beautiful mother. These snapshots included a few rare throwback family photos.

Savannah - Julie - Chrisley - Instagram
Savannah – Julie – Chrisley – Instagram

Savannah Chrisley ‘thanks God’ for her beautiful mother

It was just two hours ago that Savannah decided to pay a very public and beautiful tribute to her mother, Julie. She penned at the beginning of her post: “Today I woke up thanking God for allowing me to be your daughter mama.” Her first sentence was followed by swirly pink heart emojis.

Within her tribute, Savannah discussed how everyone always makes jokes about how close she is to Todd. Many claim Todd is clearly Savannah’s favorite parent. Deep down, however, Savannah knows that is not true. She loves her beautiful mother just as much as she loves her father.

you are an angel from God. Your heart is shockingly pure. Your love is never ending. Your laugh is infectious. You are SUPERMOM! I hope that one day I can become HALF the mom that you are…”

Julie Chrisley: Glue that holds the family together?

Savannah concluded her sweet tribute by thanking her mother for being the glue that holds the Chrisley family together. She ended her post by thanking her mother for loving her every day and through every good and bad aspect of life. Julie responded to the post in the comment by telling Savannah she loved her with all of her heart. Julie’s response was liked over 45 times within two hours.

Savannah - Julie - Chrisley - Instagram
Savannah – Julie – Chrisley – Instagram

Chrisley Knows Best fans join Savannah in praising Julie

Chrisley Knows Best fans absolutely adore Julie Chrisley. They have no idea how this woman puts up with Todd and their son Chase. But, she always seems to do it with such grace.

One fan penned in the comments: “This is so sweet. You have me in tears right now. Haha! You truly have a SUPERMOM! Happy Mother’s Day.”

Savannah - Julie - Chrisley - Instagram
Savannah – Julie – Chrisley – Instagram

“You are awesome daughter Savanah and keep your closeness with your mom. I have that closeness with my mom also. Happy Mother’s Day Julie,” another fan chimed in.

Many fans opted to keep their responses simple and just wish Julie Chrisley a happy mother’s day. Some, however, wanted to praise Savannah for such a beautiful tribute. A few even wanted to gush about how beautiful their relationship really was.

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