’90 Day Fiance’ Big Ed’s Lady Liz Woods Shows Off New Body


90 Day Fiance star Big Ed Brown is getting ready to walk down the aisle. First, his fiancee Liz Woods has decided she wants to feel her best. So, she is undergoing a transformation and documenting it along the way.

Big Ed Meets His New 90 Day Fiance Love

Viewers first met Big Ed on the 90 Day spinoff Before the 90 Days. He appears in Season 4 after not dating for almost three decades. There, he had forged an online romance with Philippino love Rosemarie Vega. So, he flew overseas to meet up with her but it was a disaster. He lied to her about his height yet she forgave him. After he asked her to take an immediate STD test, she was made but still, they moved on. After they were intimate, he suggested she shave her legs and though she was mad, she stayed with him. Then, he told her she had bad breath, even buying her a toothbrush and mouthwash but they stayed together. The last straw was when he revealed he did not want more children after claiming he did. She took off and never looked back.


He came home and ended up on the spinoff The Single Life where he immediately knew he was ready for love. His target was restaurant manager Liz Woods. Like Rose, she was in her twenties but they started out as friends though Ed wanted to move it faster. Eventually, it went to the next level and they began a relationship. Unfortunately, it ended by the tell-all. He returned for Season 2 and attempted to date women his age but still was in love with Liz. Once his pup Teddy passed, she sent him flowers and they reconnected. The timing was right and they got engaged.

Making Moves For Matrimony

One of Big Ed’s staples was his long dyed black hair in which he used mayo to keep his scalp smooth and hydrated. He also wanted to look younger. By Season 2 of The Single Life, he embraced his natural color and even got a modern cut. He is getting wedding-ready and it appears his fiancee is, as well. According to Screen Rant, Liz has been getting in shape for their alleged summer wedding. It started with a roughly eight-pound weight loss. Now she is up to almost thirteen pounds. Now, it is not like the single mother had a weight problem, she just wants to feel her best for the big day.


Ed has often shown videos of himself on social media in the gym so hopefully, they can do this together and support one another. Exactly how has Liz begun this transformation? She did a detox cleanse and started a fitness boot camp. “Since signing up I learned how to eat properly to fuel my body & learned how to get my best workouts in, only having to a min of 3 workouts a week. I normally do 4.” Furthermore, she shared that she does not deprive herself by not eating and has three meals each day. She is also doing heels dance class to keep her energized. Good luck and more power to the soon-to-be- bride.

What do you think of 90 Day Fiance stars’ dedication? Let us know in the comments and watch 90 Day: The Single Life Mondays on TLC.

*90 Day Fiance also airs Sundays on TLC*

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