Why ‘Sister Wives’ Fans Compare Robyn Brown To Nasty Nellie Oleson?

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Sister Wives fans have long been critical of Robyn Brown’s physical appearance. They have scrutinized the way Kody’s fourth wife does her makeup, especially her eyebrows. They’ve even compared the brows to the most absurd of objects and even foods. Now fans are making a comparison that is very much on point and it’s not just physical.

The Evolution Of Sister Wives’ Fourth Wife

When the series first began, Kody had three wives and was simply courting Robyn. She was a thirty-year-old single mother who claimed Kody was her soulmate. Like his other three wives, she was quite basic and lowkey. The women were all very conservative and did not wear much makeup or do much with their hair. As for their clothing, they covered up a lot. Instead of wearing just T-shirts or long sleeves, they would top it off with a tank. Additionally, blouses were key and the same went for their children. Kody also chose to wear business casual at all times.


As the series progressed and the family became more popular so did their appearances. The clothing became more dressy and their makeup was more done up. The women especially paid a lot of attention to their eyebrows, mainly Meri and Robyn. As for their hair, there was just as much attention paid and they started to care about glam. Robyn went from simple with occasional highlights to tight curls. This started to make viewers take note. She looked oddly similar to someone they had seen before with an attitude to match. They took to Reddit to see if anyone else agreed.

Robyn And Nellie, One And The Same?

Nellie Oleson was the rude and hard to tolerate character in the Michael Landon series Little House On the Prairie. She also had insanely tight curls. Sister Wives fans have started to see similarities between Nellie and Robyn so they started a Reddit thread. Initially, it was to address how tight Robyn’s curls were and if fingers could even go through them. The thread shifted within the first post when a Redditor noted she looked like Nellie. It was followed up by this: “I just came in here to say exactly this. Thank you. Same disposition and lemon-sucking face too.”


Another added: “This is what I was looking for!! I knew she looked like someone and I couldn’t think of it.” People did note that Robyn’s hair used to be free and cute. However, it has gradually gotten more severe and they added it just ages the mother of five. Though the topic of a makeup person has been brought up, it seems the Brown women do their own.

Do you see the similarities between Robyn and Nellie? Let us know in the comments.

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