Who is posting on Betty White's Social Media?

Who Keeps Posting On Betty White’s Social Media Accounts?


American television legend, Betty White passed away on December 31st, 2021. The long-time Hollywood veteran was loved and admired by her millions of fans around the world for her bright outlook, witty tongue, and her compassion for all creatures — especially the extra furry ones. Now, months after her passing, Betty’s fans are noticing that her social media accounts are just as active as they ever were. Is someone impersonating the late Betty White? Read on to get the details.

Betty White Conquers Instagram

Betty White first joined Instagram way back in 2015. In fact, her first post was a photo of her and the cast of Hot In Cleveland celebrating the show’s finale. Through the years, Betty would go on to grace our social media feeds with amazing throwback photos of her and her favorite celebrity friends. We also got to enjoy a plethora of snaps of Betty snuggling up to various furry friends as well.

No matter what she was sharing, Betty’s personality always shone through above all else. Fans remember her for her infectious smile and her positive outlook on life. And, everyone who followed the actress on social media got a dose of that every time she posted.

To date, Betty’s Instagram profile has 1.9 million followers- which is an amazing feat for a woman who has only 109 posts on her page – and some of them were published after her passing.

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Who Is Posting On Betty’s Social Media?

After Betty White passed on New Year’s Eve, the world was in complete shock. No one could scroll any social platform without seeing hundreds of posts from fans who were grieving her loss. Those who followed Betty on social media also missed the presence of her quirky, positive posts that they had come to love.

Shortly after, fans began to notice that posts would occasionally get posted to her account. Photos of her and her furry friends, happy memories from her favorite award shows, or achievements. How can this be? Who is posting the content to Betty’s pages?

Initially, many followers assumed that perhaps a beloved friend or family member had decided to share on her page. Was it a niece? A cousin perhaps? The world would get their answer a few weeks later when Betty White’s long-time assistant, Kiersten Mikelas, announced that she would be carrying on the celebrity’s social media accounts in an effort to keep her spirit alive and share her legacy with her fans and future generations.

A few months back, Kiersten made a post on Instagram telling fans that Betty’s estate had “offered her the opportunity” to continue management of Betty’s social profiles. Kiersten has been working alongside Betty White for a number of years. She even acted as a producer on several of White’s projects including her Nat Geo project “Betty White Goes Wild” back in 2013.

Mikelas says that she is honored to keep the profiles going and hopes that Betty White’s social media will “become a place to promote the things that mattered to her most… animals, the environment, and being kind.”

Who is posting on Betty White's Social Media Accounts?
Photo Credit: Instagram

Fans React To The Ongoing Posts

Those who follow Betty’s profiles have been more than welcoming of Kiersten’s presence. They continue to enjoy happy memories of Betty flooding their timelines with smiles and positivity. Many have commented over the last few months that they are glad that her assistant has continued to share posts with them.  A few fans even made a heartwarming connection to her days on Golden Girls. On the show, Betty’s character (Rose) had a daughter named Keirsten and while Mikelas is not her daughter in real life – the thought that people would put them together in that way warms her heart.

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