‘MAFS’ Tamara Djordjevic Puts Haters To Shame With G-String Booty Shot

Tamara Djordjevic poses in skimpy bikini on instagram

Married At First Sight star Tamara Djordjevic was turning heads on Instagram earlier this week when she posted a sultry snap of herself hanging out in her own backyard.  The 30-year-old reality star was shamelessly showing off her assets in the Australian sunshine. Despite having been attacked by internet trolls over her appearance recently, this curvaceous reality TV star was showing off much more than her confidence in these latest photos. Read on to find out what Tamara Djordjevic’s fans had to say about the post.

Internet Trolls Strike Again

Recently, Tamara Djordjevic was the victim of relentless internet trolls who felt the need to ridicule her appearance. So what were they picking on exactly? Judging by many of her photos on Instagram,Tamara has a body many women would die for. Unfortunately, some TLC viewers feel that Tamara’s nose is freakishly large and unsightly. They have in the recent past been relentless with their rude, cruel comments about her wide, slightly off-kilter nose.

Tamara Djordjevic MAFS instagram
Photo Credit: Instagram

Tamara has, in recent interviews explained she received a lot of ridicule over her nose when she was growing up. According to The Daily Mail, the reality star is open about the fact that as a kid, she broke her nose several times. This led to it being slightly misshapen. Unfortunately, Tamara says the shape of her nose was a constant source of fuel for trolls who enjoyed ridiculing her about her appearance.

Years later, the bombshell reality personality no longer chooses to let the bullying affect her. While she says that she has considered getting a rhinoplasty more than once, she decided long ago that she doesn’t want to look like anyone other than herself.

Tamara Djordjevic Shows Off Her Own Golden Coast

Earlier this week, Tamara shocked fans when she shared some super sassy snaps on her Instagram. Rebelling against trolls picking apart her appearance, Tamara put her picturesque hourglass body on display. She left very little to the imagination.

In the photo, Djordjevic posed in the backyard of her Australian Gold Coast home. In the photo, Tamara wore a barely-there  G-string bikini in a lovely shade of sunshine yellow. The photo was shot from a low, upwards angle which put all the attention on the celeb’s mostly exposed derriere. Tamara posed by grabbing a handful of ‘cheek’ on either side as she looks seductively over her shoulder and into the camera. Tamra wore her long blonde hair loose and it is touseled lightly by the breeze.

In a short, catty caption, Tamara wrote, “Mum says yellow’s, not my color but are mums always really right?”

As if to make a statement to the trolls – Tamara shut off the comments on the post – leaving only the likes visible. So far, the sassy snap has received more than two thousand likes on Instagram

Tamara Djordjevic Instagram
Photo Credit: Instagram

Tamara Goes ‘Au Naturale’

Tamara Djordjevic says that she has learned to accept herself the way she is. While she reports having considered plastic surgery reality star says that she has learned to love herself — including what other people perceive as flaws.

Tamara admits that over the years she has had a few minor cosmetic procedures done. Some botox here, some lip filler there – but overall, she considers her body to be ‘Au Naturale.’ The celeb says that she is not going to rule out ever getting plastic surgery – but says she is content with her body at the moment.

Did you get a glimpse of Tamara in her skimpy bikini? Tell us your thoughts in the comments.

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