Jovi Dufren Videos Yara Zaya As Paola Rears Her ‘Attention Starved’ Head?

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Jovi Dufren and Yara Zaya have been living their best lives recently. They have been documenting the events of their travels, the good and the interesting. Yet one person is seemingly determined to steal their thunder.

Jovi Dufren’s Road To Marital Bliss

It was not an easy road to happiness for Jovi and his bride Yara. The two met on a dating app while Jovi was traveling around from New Orleans. Over in Ukraine, he fell for Yara, and the two had a quick rendezvous. Yet they started to see potential in the relationship and began traveling together. Eventually, the romance became much more serious when Yara learned she was pregnant. That was when the decision was made for her to come to America. Unfortunately, she suffered a devastating blow when she experienced a miscarriage as she was preparing to move. Still, Yara came to Louisiana and they attempted to move forward.


It was a struggle as his mother was uncertain about Yara’s motives. As for Yara, she had a hard time with Jovi who liked to go out a lot. This was about to change as Yara discovered she was pregnant once again. Instead of an elaborate wedding, they headed off to Las Vegas and eloped. Their journey was documented in Season 8 of TLC’s hit series 90 Day Fiance and continued on Happily Ever After? Jovi and Yara clashed on how to raise their daughter with Yara appearing very rigid. Somehow, she has softened and fans have come to appreciate them as a couple, especially on Pillow Talk.

Everyone Always Wants Something

As Jovi Dufren and Yara Zaya are enjoying their time in Miami, some moments have been holding them back. First, Yara has been thrown out of the pool for a “revealing” bikini. Now, another 90 Day cast member is trying to hijack their moment. Jovi was filming his wife dancing on a lounge chair and being super silly. She was eating all of his french fries and they were just having the best time. He posted it on her Instagram and immediately a comment came in from Paola Mayfield.

“How long will you be around? If you guys want to hang out today, let us know!” she commented. Yara eventually responded that she would like that. It may seem trivial to some but this is something that could have been addressed via a DM. After Yara agreed, that was when Pao said she would DM her. If they are so close, why wouldn’t they have each other’s numbers? It just seemed a tad attention-seeking for Paolo to pop into Yara’s video when a DM would have sufficed.
Do you think Pao was looking for attention or was she just trying to catch up? Let us know in the comments.
Amanda Nowitz

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  1. I really like Yara and Jovi. Jovi does need to cool it a bit on his partying, he is a dad now! Anyway, Paola is most likely trying to get back in the spotlight any way that she can. She definitely needs and craves attention. Back when she and her hubby were on TV, she always went way overboard when she was yelling at him….like she was in a performance or audition. It’s pretty much common knowledge that Paola seeks attention. Yara, just be aware, she may have other motives for wanting to “hang out” with you guys… being that you and Jovi are popular on your show. Your daughter, Myla, is such a pretty baby. Congratulations and Best of luck to all of you!!

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