How Old Were Uncle Dale & Aunt KiKi When They Started Dating

Uncle Dale and Aunt Kiki Outdaughtered

Fans of the hit TLC show OutDaughtered have definitely labeled Uncle Dale and Aunt Kiki as a power couple. The duo’s long-lasting picturesque family has been the envy of viewers since early on in the show’s history. Not only do female fans swoon over Uncle Dale’s tan, rugged appearance, but he and his wife also seem to have the perfect, fairytale romance and wonderful life. A love like theirs must take time to build, right? That’s the question that many fans have always wanted answered. So, how long has this TLC couple been together? Read on to get the details.

Are Uncle Dale and Aunt Kiki The Perfect Couple?

Over the years, Uncle Dale and Aunt Kiki’s relationship has been a popular subject amongst TLC fans. The pair have a beautiful home, beautiful children and appear to be aging gracefully themselves. Not only is Aunt Kiki a supportive sister and an amazing aunt to her many nieces and nephews, but she seems to be an ever-devoted wife to her husband.

Despite being the stars of OutDaughteredthe couple are definitely fan favorites among those who watch the show. They have quite a following on social media and fans are always interested in what these two lovebirds are up to. Dale and Kiki Mills post regularly on Instagram, sharing photos of their family and the adventures that they take together. Based on their profiles, these two love to travel and they love each other even more. The pair are notorious for sharing heartwarming posts about each other on birthdays and anniversaries and their fans can never seem to get enough.

How Long Have Uncle Dale and Aunt Kiki Been Together?

Because the show has only showcased a small portion of their lives together, fans have often wondered how long Uncle Dale and Aunt Kiki have been together. Many past posts suggest that they have been a couple most of their adult lives, but they had never publicly addressed exactly how old they were when they got together.

A few weeks ago, fans got the answer to their burning question when Dale Mills took to Instagram to wish his beloved wife a Happy Anniversary.

In the post, Dale shared a super cute photo of him and Kiki snuggled in close together. In a heartfelt post about his wife, Dale tells her that he loves her and is looking forward to a beautiful future with her.

Today me and Kiki hit a milestone, 20 years together,” he wrote, “We have officially been together as one longer than we were without each other. Crazy to think about! I love this chick so much and couldn’t imagine these past 20 years without you, Kiki!!”

In the comments, one fan asked Dale Mills to get a little more specific about how long he and his wife have been a unit. “Congratulations,” the user commented, “how old were y’all when you got together.” The TLC star seemed more than happy to respond. “19,” was his answer.

Dale and Kiki Mills Outdaughterd
Photo Credit: Instagram

Fans Congratulate Dale and Kiki On Instagram

In the comment section of Dale’s post, OutDaughtered fans were thrilled to celebrate the couple’s 20th anniversary alongside them. “Y’all are Some of my faves”, said one fan, “Happy anniversary you foxy things!!! ”

“So sweet! Cheers to 20 more,” said another.

“Congrats! Still waiting for your guys [SIC] spin-off,” chirped a third.

Hundreds of comments scrolled down the page, all sharing their congratulatory messages and well wishes for this long-time couple. Many of them were in agreeance that Uncle Dale and Aunt Kiki should get their own spinoff from TLC.

Do you think this couple is in line to get their own show from the network?  Tell us in the comments.

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