‘Sister Wives:’ Maddie Brown Brush Takes Subtle Dig At Tabloids

'Sister Wives:' Maddie Brown Brush Takes Subtle Dig At Tabloids [Credit: TLC/YouTube]

Sister Wives star Maddie Brown Brush took a subtle dig at the tabloids. She wanted to beat them to the punch. The TLC star doesn’t appreciate it when the tabloids try to make something out of nothing. As fans know, Maddie is still very close to her mom, Janelle Brown.

Janelle just celebrated her birthday this week. This week, she traveled to Portugal. Kody Brown’s wife even caught up with her sister, who looks just like her. Janelle’s newfound freedom has some wondering if she’s the next wife to leave.

Now, her daughter is putting a pesky rumor to rest on social media.

Maddie Brown Brush Beats The Tabloids [Credit: TLC/YouTube]
[Credit: TLC/YouTube]

Did Maddie Brown Brush snub her mom on her birthday?

Maddie Brown Brush didn’t want rumors to swirl about her relationship with her mother. Gossip blogs and tabloids are ready to report that she snubbed her mom on her birthday. Keep in mind that Maddie is relatively private on social media. She rarely even posts photos of her husband Caleb Brush.

Just because she likes to be private doesn’t mean she’s free from scrutiny. Janelle Brown received a lot of sweet tributes from her children on social media. Kody and Janelle share sons Logan, Gabriel, Garrison, and Hunter, as well as daughters Madison and Savanah.

Maddie Brown Brush Snubs Janelle Brown? [Credit: TLC/YouTube]
[Credit: TLC/YouTube]
Fans are also watching closely to see which kids will celebrate their mom on Friday, May 6. They wanted to see if Maddie Brown Brush would say anything about Janelle. This could lead to unnecessary rumors about the mother-daughter-duo. Whenever public figures and reality stars don’t share happy birthday tributes on social media, the rumors can start swirling.

The tabloids take this opportunity to report that Maddie Brown Brush snubbed her own mom. So, she decided to take it upon herself to call them out. On Thursday, May 5, she used Janelle’s birthday tribute to beat them to the punch. Maddie also explained why she took her time to write a post.

Janelle Brown’s daughter fights back at the tabloids

Maddie Brown Brush posted a loving photo of Janelle Brown holding her two children Axel and Evie. Janelle looked so happy as she got a kiss on the cheek from Axel. Evie was her usual adorable selfie. But, Maddie wanted to use this Instagram post to call out the tabloids.

“Couldn’t let the day finish without wishing this amazing momma of mine a VERY VERY happy birthday, publicly 😂🙃.” Maddie Brown Brush captioned the post. “To know her is to love her! 💛”

Maddie Brown Brush's Birthday Tribute [Credit: Maddie Brown Brush/Instagram]
[Credit: Maddie Brown Brush/Instagram]
Paedon Brown took to the comment section to write, “SO SO CUTE!!!” Many of the SW fans shared their birthday wishes for Janelle. Some of them even revealed they share the same birthday. Others were touched by Maddie’s birthday tribute.

What are your thoughts on Maddie Brown Brush’s Instagram post? Do you agree that she was calling out the tabloids? What are your thoughts on tabloids spreading such rumors? Sound off below in the comment section.

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