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‘LPBW’: Jacob Roloff Trolls Tabloids With Lies, Stirring Pot?

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Jacob Roloff dropped a bombshell on Twitter recently when he alleged he was preparing Roloff Farms to be sold. The former TLC star doubled back later to delete the tweet. He, however, wasn’t fast enough to take it down and it spread across social media like wildfire. LPBW fans assume he was busted by his father for posting about the sale of Roloff Farms and urged to take the tweet down.

Jacob Roloff trolls tabloids

In the past 24 hours, however, Jacob has spotted tabloids sharing screenshots of his tweet and running with the possibility of Roloff Farms being sold. The former TLC personality noted it was “f*cking hilarious” that people were responding to his tweet. He followed up by referring to tabloids and people who follow LPBW news as pigs by starting that people were “eating up” his recent tweet like it was “pig slop.”

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Jacob Roloff/Credit: Jacob Roloff Instagram

Lies and pot-stirring

Fans doubled back to the Reddit thread where the screenshot of his tweet first made rounds to call attention to Jacob basically saying it was all a lie. Was he just trolling tabloids and fans? Was he trying to stir the pot?

One fan penned: “Go look under his ‘Media’ the tweet has been deleted but it remains as a screenshot posted from some a ‘news’ website. He replied to it.”

“He legit said this to see how far it would go. Instead of people focusing on Tori and Zach who just had the baby and then the new season of the show he said it to create more bull shit click bait….. hey Izzy if you’re reading this tell your husband the jokes ain’t funny,” a second fan chimed in.

Jacob Roloff Instagram, KW: Isabel Roloff
Jacob Roloff Instagram

Did Jacob Roloff lie about Roloff Farms?

This leaves one big question: Is Roloff Farms for sale or did Jacob Roloff lie? His recent Twitter activity suggests he was just creating his own version of a trending meme that went over everyone’s head. Why he deleted the tweet if it was a joke, however, is a different question. Some fans speculate he could be pretending it was all a joke to hide the fact that his father does actually plan on selling the property to someone outside of the family.

Do you think Jacob Roloff would post something on social media that wasn’t true just to troll tabloids and stir the pot? Or, do you think he’s just trying to cover his tracks? Let us know your thoughts in the comments. And, keep coming back for the latest Roloff news.

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