Kody Brown Shoots To Be His Own Church?

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Kody Brown has long lived by the rules he has set forth for him and his family. If it makes sense for him, it is then the gospel. Upon reflection, some fans are questioning what Kody’s ultimate goal is.

Kody Brown’s Original Path

Viewers first met Kody in 2010 when he introduced himself and his three wives. He was married to Meri, Janelle, and Christine. Together, they had twelve children and all lived under one roof in Utah. However, Kody was not raised in polygamy. It was not until he was a teenager that he and his father both joined the Fundamental Mormon church. Prior to this, they were LDS Mormons who had abandoned the idea of polygamy, according to Screen Rant. Kody’s first wife, Meri was raised in a plural family so they knew they would take on multiple wives. Janelle actually made sense since she had been married to Meri’s brother. In 1994, four years after marrying Meri, he took on his third wife, Christine, also from a plural family.


By the time the series started, he was courting a fourth wife, Robyn. She was not going to live in the one-family home with the Browns as there was not enough space. By the end of Season 2, Kody feared he would get arrested due to his lifestyle so they all left for Vegas. There, the wives had their own homes in a cul-de-sac. This was quite different than what many polygamists have shown in other shows. Many can live under one roof with all of their wives and children. Finally, they made the final move to Flagstaff and everyone was so far apart they could not even quarantine together. Yet there was still Coyote Pass.

Building An Empire?

Kody Brown and his family bought Coyote Pass with the hopes of building individual lots on it. This was their little piece of heaven where they could unite as one. They also did not have a church any longer so they would often gather to pray and such. Reddit users started to look back at what Kody was building and began to question his motives. “Anyone else think Cody wants to be his own church? That he wants to build homes for his wives, kids, anyone else he can control? Become the prophet/leader of all of them collect tithing, make them work while he does nothing. Abandon wives and kids that don’t agree with him 100 percent of the time.” There was also some comparison to Warren Jeffs in there, as well.


The post went on to say: “Leave abandoned wives with no way to move on, no intimacy, no partnership, no way to move on if they believe they’ll be eternally punished for not staying married. Coyote pass= Colorado city. Cody Brown=Rulon Allred/ Warren Jeffs. Cody seems more controlling and unhinged each season.” Kody has already lost Christine for withholding intimacy and admits he, Meri, and Janelle are merely just friends. It seems like some agree with this statement.


Utah struggles with polygamy because many put their money right to the church. The spiritual wives and mothers are looked at as single parents so they get government assistance. This was the case with the Browns when the show started. In Arizona, the polygamist population might not be big enough for Kody to have a following. However, the family is recognized enough that he may be just fine and could profit as a church. Do you think he is up to something? Let us know in the comments.


Amanda Nowitz

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