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Jinger Vuolo Leaves Fans Gagging, Begging Her To Clean

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Jinger Vuolo has left fans on Instagram begging her to clean her kitchen. While Jinger took to social media to share what she was cooking for dinner, followers noticed more about the cleanliness of her home. Keep reading to see why people are gagging at her latest post.

Pasta On Cinco De Mayo?

Before followers started chastizing Jinger for her dirty kitchen, many people commented on what she was cooking. On Cinco de Mayo, Jinger posted a photo and video of herself cooking a pasta dish. A number of people questioned the menu choice.

The caption on the post read, “Rigatoni is on the menu for tonight.” People recalled Jeremy’s grandma teaching Jinger how to make homemade meatballs. The couple also learned to make tacos together in a cooking class. Not to mention, a number of people watched Jinger grow up and learn to cook at home.

Jinger Vuolo - YouTube/TLC

Credit: YouTube/TLC

Other people asked about the ingredients and whether or not she would share her recipe. In the past, Jinger shared several meal prep sessions via Instagram Stories. Her posts inspired other people to start meal prepping themselves and be more disciplined about their diets. However, her most recent post is only inspiring some followers to gag.

Fans Are Embarrassed For Jinger Vuolo And Her Dirty Kitchen

Jinger’s photo shows her standing in front of her stove in a yellow apron, smiling. There is a pan of ground meat and a boiling pot of pasta visible in the shot as well. She posted a video along with the snapshot. You can hear her child in the background asking about what they are having for dinner as Jeremy zooms in on what she’s cooking.

It didn’t take long for people to start commenting. One commenter said, “Yum!!! I kinda wish I could gift you some proper kitchen utensils,” pointing out the fact that Jinger used the same utensil in the meat and pasta. Others asked about products in her kitchen, recipe details, etc. A number of people took note of her less-than-clean surroundings.

“Wow! You need to clean your stove jinger n your apron,” one comment read. Another person hopped in to say they noticed the stove too. To which the person replied, “I would not have pics if I wasn’t going to clean it.. right..?” Take a look at what they are talking about.

Jinger Vuolo - Instagram/Jinger Vuolo

Credit: Instagram/Jinger Vuolo

There are a few pieces of food, cheese, and other small debris on the stovetop. Jinger’s apron doesn’t look like it is fresh out of the washer either. Her fans jumped to her defense. “I doubt it was a planned video! Just a husband with a phone🙄. But seriously who the h*** cares if her stove is dirty? Trolls, that’s who! No wonder they don’t put their kids on here. They are too young for people to trash!” one person commented back.

In all reality, Jinger Vuolo gave a realistic look into her life on a weeknight. What do you think? Should public figures, influencers, and people in the spotlight clean up before their posts, or is the more realistic view better?

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