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‘1000-Lb. Best Friends’: Meghan & Tina Suffer A Major Loss

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Having a reality television show with your best friends sounds amazing to most people. But 1000-Lb. Best Friends stars Tina Arnold and Meghan Crumpler are having some issues now that the camera is done rolling.

Meghan and her fiance live with Tina’s family in one house. However, it appears that the families recently suffered a major loss.

Keep reading to learn more about the tragedy that plagued the household.

Members of the 1000-Lb. Best Friends girl gang suffer a terrible loss

Meghan and Tina of 1000-Lb. Best Friends have been on quite a long journey together. During the show’s first season, viewers saw the women experience the highs and lows of friendship.

But now, it seems like Tina and Meghan are navigating a new challenge together.

Meghan Crumpler/Instagram

Allegedly, a catastrophic flood damaged the home that the women share. It appears that they set up a fundraiser to help with the loss, but fans didn’t receive it well.

“So, it’s been a minute- any updates on the house flooding drama?” one Reddit user asked. “I don’t do Facebook or Instagram. Anyone know what’s happened since the alleged flood and fund raising/grifting situation?”

“I went back to Meghan’s IG. Somebody asked for an update with her situation,” another Reddit user replied. “She said that she hadn’t posted because she had been too [busy] putting things back right to post. She also said that she’s been staying in a hotel.. It never even occurred to her to thank anyone or she would have in her response.”

Meghan Crumpler/Instagram

It’s not immediately clear why some Reddit fans think that Meghan and Tina are scamming people. However, Meghan did seem to confirm that floods did indeed damage their home.

Perhaps if TLC puts out another season of 1000-Lb. Best Friends, viewers will get more answers then.

Will the flood impact future storylines?

In another Reddit thread, some fans believe that 1000-Lb. Best Friends will incorporate the flood into a second-season storyline. The original poster claims that Tina and Meghan will use the flood as an excuse to justify why they haven’t been keeping up with their health goals.

Instagram users can clearly see that Meghan Crumpler has kept up with her weight loss goals. However, it doesn’t appear that Tina has done as much.

TLC hasn’t renewed 1000-Lb. Best Friends for a second season yet, but that could definitely happen in time. For now, viewers will have to sit by and wait for more information to come.

Be sure to leave your opinions in the comments. Keep following TV Shows Ace online for the latest information on Tina, Meghan, and the rest of the 1000-Lb. Best Friends crew. There will be more news to share before long.

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