'Sister Wives': Meri Brown 'Unbreakable,' Can Handle Anything? [Credit: TLC/YouTube]

‘Sister Wives’: Meri Brown ‘Unbreakable,’ Can Handle Anything?

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Sister Wives star Meri Brown claims she’s “unbreakable” and that she can handle anything. This comes amid her struggles in her marriage with Kody Brown. The couple hasn’t been romantic for some time now. However, Meri feels that she should stay married to her husband Kody Brown, and be a part of the family.

The Sister Wives star is seeing the positive side of things

Meri Brown has learned to see the positive side of things. Ever since her catfishing scandal went down years ago, Meri and Kody Brown haven’t been close ever since. She’s tried to reconcile her relationship with her husband with marriage counseling sessions and dates. But, Kody doesn’t even want to kiss her anymore.

Even though Meri never physically cheated on Kody, she still emotionally cheated on him with someone else. It’s something he can’t forget. Kody may have forgiven Meri at some point, but they still have issues with their marriage. Despite their struggles, Meri Brown feels spiritually married to her husband.

Meri Brown Claims She's Unbreakable [Credit: TLC/YouTube]
[Credit: TLC/YouTube]
Sister Wives fans assumed that she would be the first one to leave the family. She was the first wife to have issues in their relationship. Meri only stepped out on Kody because she felt neglected throughout their marriage. She also took issue with his new wife, Robyn Brown.

Meri is taking a different approach these days. She is seeing the positive side to things. While she still has drama in her life, she wants to be a source of inspiration to others. As TV Shows Ace previously reported, she proved that she’s not a failure even with all the troubles in her personal life.

Some fans have wondered if all this positivity is a way to cover up her problems. No one really knows the intention behind her Instagram posts. It’s just speculation at this time. More details could surface in a future season of Sister Wives.

Meri Brown Shares Positive Post [Credit: TLC/YouTube]
[Credit: TLC/YouTube]

Meri Brown admits she’s been knocked down

Even though Meri Brown has been knocked down, she says she’s “unbreakable.” She took to her Instagram Stories to share a new positive post. The quote on her Instagram Stories features a beautiful illustration of a girl wearing a yellow quote. It also suggests that Meri is a “fighter” and “warrior” amid her issues.

“Is there anything she can’t handle? She’s been broken, she’s been knocked down. She’s been defeated, she’s felt pain that most couldn’t handle. She looks fear in the eye,” Meri Brown’s Instagram Story reads. “Day after day, year after year, yet she never runs, she never hides and she always finds a way to get back up.”

Meri Brown Claims She's Unbreakable [Credit: Meri Brown/Instagram Stories]
[Credit: Meri Brown/Instagram Stories]
The post concludes by suggesting that “she’s unbreakable, she’s a warrior, she’s a fighter, she’s you.” Meri Brown wanted to share the inspirational post from the Amazing Me Movement with her followers and fans. What are your thoughts on her Instagram Story? Do you think she’s unbreakable? Sound off below in the comment section.

Check back with TV Shows Ace for more news on Meri Brown.

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