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The Real Reason Jed Duggar Catches So Much Hate

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Former Counting On star Jed Duggar is catching a lot of hate these days. Not everyone knows why he’s getting so much negative attention, though. Now, the real reason has finally been revealed. Keep reading to find out why he’s disliked.

Unless you follow the Duggars closely, you may not know much about him. He is 23 years old. Jedidiah and Jeremiah are Michelle and Jim Bob’s second set of twins.

Jed got married to Katey Nakatsu last year, and they just welcomed their first child, Truett Oliver, to the world on May 2.

Jed Duggar Instagram
Jed Duggar Instagram

Without the Duggar family on TLC’s Counting On anymore, fans get a peek into his life from social media. However, from what fans see on social media, they may not have any problems with Jed or any reasons to dislike him. But, some people have come to find things they don’t really like about him at all.

Jed Duggar catches so much hate online, and here’s why.

On Reddit, Duggar snarkers are talking about Jed, and it looks like some of them have very strong opinions of him. Many of them dislike him. But why?

One specific explanation is getting a lot of attention from other snarkers. The critic points out, “He ran for office with strong, uninformed opinions on schools and women when he’d never been inside of either.”

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Back when Jed ran for office, his experience and skills were questioned by Duggar fans and critics. After all, he was in his early twenties and had very little life experience at that point. He did end up losing the election.

Other snarkers are sharing their thoughts about Jed and sharing why they dislike him, too. One Reddit user says, “I would say it’s his smug attitude and the fact he ran for office with zero qualifications. He most likely thought because he was a Duggar that the voters would turn out in his favor.”

Jedidiah Duggar Instagram (Jedidiah Duggar engagement)
Jedidiah Duggar Instagram (Jedidiah Duggar engagement)

Another adds, “He seems shady and arrogant.”

Some even think he resembles Josh Duggar in some ways, which concerns them. They think that he might be trying to become the “golden son” that Josh was before.

So, do you think that Jed Duggar deserves all of this hate? Do you like him or not? Tell us your thoughts in the comments section below. And come back to TV Shows Ace for more Duggar family news.

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