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‘My Feet Are Killing Me’: Neoeko Walked On Broken Ankle For 10 Years

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Is it possible to walk on a broken ankle for an entire decade? it doesn’t seem possible, but that’s exactly what one patient on My Feet Are Killing Me did.

The popular medical TLC show follows Dr. Ebonie Vincent and Dr. Bradley Schaeffer as they treat patients with complicated foot and ankle problems. And in last night’s episode, viewers got a chance to learn more about Neoeko’s story. She walked on her broken ankle for 10 years and is seeking out the doctors’ advice.

The doctors on My Feet Are Killing Me seem to perform medical miracles

In the May 4 episode, My Feet Are Killing Me viewers meet Neoeko. In 2008, a car hit her vehicle head-on and she described seeing her ankle snap directly to the right. Neoeko says that other doctors told her that she might lose her foot. Needless to say, it’s a very emotional situation for her.

Neoeko knows that Dr. Vincent might very well be her last hope. In the episode, Dr. Vincent feels completely shocked that Neoeko can even walk. After examining her foot, Dr. Vincent reveals that the bone never properly healed and is still indeed broken.

My Feet Are Killing Me/TLC

“It’s just a lot,” Neoeko says after receiving her diagnosis. “I definitely wasn’t expecting that.” She tears up as Dr. Vincent tells her more about her options.

“The most daunting foot can seem like it has a ray of hope,” Dr. Vincent says. She tells Neoeko that there are many risks that come along with surgery, but doing nothing definitely won’t help the foot heal either.

My Feet Are Killing Me/TLC

In the end, Dr. Vincent comes up with a surgical plan that will help Neoeko. During the procedure, Dr. Vincent walks My Feet Are Killing Me viewers through the procedure. It all looks so simple when she does it.

Dr. Vincent successfully manages to help Neoeko. Her foot recovers well and her pain levels definitely improve.

The procedure was difficult, but the physicians on My Feet Are Killing Me manage to have another successful case.

TLC continues to produce medical TV programming

TLC medical shows generally do pretty well with interested fans. However, they aren’t for everyone. Shows like My Feet Are Killing Me and Dr. Pimple Popper fascinate many viewers, but some people are going to pass. These shows contain live shots from the surgeries, which some people just don’t want to see.

But if you have a strong stomach and can handle the medical drama, there’s some good news. TLC plans to put out new episodes of My Feet Are Killing Me every Wednesday night at 9 PM eastern time. Tune in and don’t miss out on a single section of the action.

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