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‘LPBW’: Jacob Roloff Leaks Massive Roloff Farms Bombshell

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LPBW fans believe Jacob Roloff just leaked a massive bombshell regarding his family and Roloff Farms. The former TLC personality took to Twitter yesterday to discuss some work he was doing on the property. Within his tweet, Jacob dropped a devastating nugget of information that LPBW fans were NOT ready for.

According to chatter on Reddit, Matt Roloff’s rebel son later went back and deleted the tweet. He, however, wasn’t fast enough to avoid Little People, Big World fans grabbing a screenshot. What bombshell did Jacob Roloff drop on fans about Roloff Farms? Keep reading for the details.

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Jacob Roloff leaks massive LPBW spoiler, Roloff Farms bombshell

Yesterday, Jacob Roloff took to Twitter to reveal he was struggling with some mixed emotions. It was WHY he was struggling with those emotions that sent fans into a frenzy. According to his tweet, Jacob was currently helping his father prepare Roloff Farms to be sold. Initially, Jacob admitted preparing the property to be sold was something that gave him joy. Made him chuckle. His amusement, however, quickly shifted as he doubled back on the fact that Roloff Farms was being sold. “What the f*ck,” he penned at the end of the tweet.

Matt Roloff - Instagram
Matt Roloff – Instagram

LPBW fans unpack this massive bombshell

LPBW fans admit they were devastated to learn Jacob and his father Matt were preparing Roloff Farms to be sold. One fan noted it was a bit of a disservice to the grandchildren who would be missing out on something great. Here’s some of what fans had to say in the chatter on Reddit:

  • “That’s really a shame. I’m a sentimental person and this just makes me sad for them, and the grandkids. They’re gonna be missing out.”
  • “It’s a really niche property. Some of it is developed for agro tourism but there are also lots of random buildings. Not much in the way of developed farm land. I don’t know how quickly it willfully sell.”
  • “I bet TLC is having a cow right now.”
  • “So I guess Matt built that giant garage for nothing? This just seems weird seeing as he had started the dream home building he’s always talked about and he built the log cabin and such… it just seems odd to me that he would be selling after those recent additions.”

Some fans thought the timing was a little suspect and wondered if Jacob was just stirring the pot. A few fans were quick to blame Caryn Chandler for having something to do with it if it was true. There were a few fans that wondered if Jacob was trying to hype some drama for the series. Jacob, however, pretty openly admits he can’t stand the series. So, that seems like a stretch as far as something he would willingly do. A few fans even speculated Jacob might’ve been baked and tweeted something he wasn’t supposed to share. Fans further speculate his father, Matt, likely asked him to delete the tweet after he caught wind of it.

Jacob and Isabel - YouTube
Jacob and Isabel – YouTube

How do you feel knowing they are prepping Roloff Farms to be sold? Share your thoughts in the comments. And, keep coming back for the latest on Little People, Big World.

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  1. sell the farm, Amy is and was a gold digger and she always wants pity always playing the victim, it was Matt and Caryn who made Roloff Farms a household name

  2. The Farm is a business and has to be dealt with as a business. No family member has the “right” to expect anything for “free”.
    Amy is a trouble maker and is still angry about everything. GET OVER IT…you have remarried and (supposedly moved on)……and Amy…learn some table manners please.

  3. Amy wants to play victim and always bad mouths Matt. She could have sold her portion of the farm to the kids or worked something out with them. She had it……Why does she think she should get the money for that portion of the farm and Matt should leave it or sell it for less to kids? She had the chance and did not do that. She badmouthed Matt the whole time when he fixed up the farm and she got to live in the best house while he took the DoubleWide. Good Matt, bad Amy.

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