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Kim Kardashian Has A Type: Is Pete Davidson A Hot Head Too?

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With recent DMs between Kim Kardashian and Ray J coming out, it looks like Kim Kardashian has a type – and it isn’t a good one. Does Pete Davidson have the same hot head mentality?

Ray J messages Kim Kardashian

According to Instagram, Kim Kardashian recently got some DMs from Ray J and things aren’t looking good. As it turns out, he is upset with how she handled their adult film on her new show, The Kardashians. While there were lots of details spilled in these messages, one thing stands out – Ray J’s temper.

In the messages he sent her, he is typing in all capital letters and seems to be accusing Kim of things that she didn’t get to defend herself on. In fact, she even asks him if he saw the new episode in of the messages – which he hadn’t. So, it would seem that Ray J was jumping to some conclusions.

Kim Kardashian | YouTube
Kim Kardashian | YouTube

The way Ray J is speaking to Kim in these messages seems a bit familiar. After all, Kim has recently received several angry messages from her ex, Kanye West. Is this Kim’s type? Hopefully, Pete doesn’t talk to her in the same way.

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Without a Crystal Ball | Instagram

Kim always keeps her cool

It’s obvious Kim Kardashian has experience talking to people who speak to her like this. In her responses to Ray J, she was nothing but calm and collected about it all. Starting by not typing her messages in all capital letters.

“Hi – sorry I’m only seeing your above DM’s now. I am happy to hear that you’re doing well and congrats on your beautiful family,” she starts her messages back.

She continues explaining exactly what went down and what she meant by it. Of course, this instantly calmed Ray J back down.

Kim Kardashian, Ray J from Instagram
@withoutacrystalball | Instagram

“My team is demanding me to respond to what’s out there now bc it gets worse everyday I don’t say nothing. Now that we talked I feel different – I was gonna go extreme but not anymore – how should I respond?” he asks Kim.

So clearly, the way she is able to speak to people yelling at her is great. Hopefully, Pete Davidson never speaks to her in the same way!

Do you think Pete Davidson has the same mentality as her other exes? Let us know in the comments below. Come back to TV Shows Ace for more on all of your favorite Kardashian family drama.

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