Jacob Roloff Shades Audrey For Sharing Nude Photos Of Bode?

Jacob - Audrey - Roloff - LPBW

LPBW fans believe Jacob Roloff may have thrown some serious shade in the direction of his sister-in-law Audrey recently regarding Bode. As those who follow Audrey and Jeremy Roloff know, they took a trip to Maui. Initially, the trip was something Audrey Roloff won for free for her hard work via Young Living. She and Jeremy, however, decided to extend their trip to have more family fun. Audrey explained that they just love Maui so much that they wanted to stay longer.

During their vacation, Audrey shared tons of photos and videos on both her profile and her Instagram Stories. One thing fans have noticed is Bode Roloff’s lack of clothing in many of her photos and videos. Nearly every time Audrey and her family hit the beach Bode was running on the sand and soaking up the ocean water without a scrap of clothing. LPBW fans have expressed pretty mixed feelings on it. Turns out, Jacob Roloff addressed parents posting their children online without permission on social media recently. And, the timing of his post had fans thinking he was firing shots directly at Audrey Roloff for posting nude photos of Bode on the internet.

Audrey - Jeremy - Roloff - Instagram
Audrey – Jeremy – Roloff – Instagram

Audrey Roloff posts nude picture of Bode on Instagram

Up until 48 hours ago, Audrey Roloff had only posted nude photos of her son Bode on her Instagram Stories. As such, the videos and photos expired after 24 hours. Two days ago, however, they changed when she posted a photo of her family on the beach that included a fully nude Bode standing in front of his family.

Audrey Roloff took things a step further calling attention to her son being nude by clarifying he preferred to skinny dip on the beach. In the comments, she continued to talk about her son being without clothing saying it was the first thing he did any time they left the resort.

Audrey - Jeremy - Roloff - Instagram
Audrey – Jeremy – Roloff – Instagram

LPBW fans mixed feelings as Jacob Roloff throws shade

In the comments, LPBW fans were pretty candid about having mixed feelings. Some pointed out that having such a big following, Audrey Roloff should know better than to post photos like this on social media. Others, however, pointed out that “boys will be boys.” There were some that agreed they had boys who preferred to be without clothing as well, but there was a time and place when this time of behavior was acceptable. And, they did not believe on a public beach was one of those times.

In response to fans debating over whether Audrey Roloff should have posted this photo in the first place, one individual opted to tag Jacob. They noted that Jacob Roloff had posted something just the other day about posting children on social media without permission. This individual said they couldn’t help but think Jacob was throwing shade directly at his sister-in-law for posting nude photos of Bode.

Jacob Roloff Instagram
Jacob Roloff Instagram

How do you feel about Audrey Roloff posting such revealing photos of Bode? Do you think Jacob and fans who are against it have a point? Share your thoughts in the comments down below. And, keep coming back for more Roloff news.

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  1. I haven’t seen the photos but it’s not something I would do. There are way too many perverts out there. My question would be was this a private beach with only them? If not how did him running totally naked make other visitors on the beach feel.

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