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Furious Ray J Comes For Kim Kardashian With Guns Blazing

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The Kardashians is a few episodes in and while it seems to be going well, there is one person who isn’t happy about it at all. That would be Ray J, the man that Kim Kardashian made her infamous adult video with. He is coming after Kim about how the whole scandal was handled on the new show.

Ray J is not happy!

Ray J is upset with Kim Kardashian and he is certainly letting her know. In recent screenshots shared by @withoutacrystalball on Instagram, he blew up Kim’s DMs accusing her of tarnishing his name with her adult film talk in the new show, The Kardashians. He even says that Kris Jenner planned the whole thing.

The messages he sent to Kim were in all capital letters insinuating that he was yelling at her.

Kim Kardashian | YouTube
Kim Kardashian | YouTube

“Why are you playing games Kim – I’ve been nothing but a team player – we all had an agreement – now you are trying to drag my name for your new show and that aint kool,” he starts off the long string of yelling to Kim K.

It seems that whatever he saw on the show really did not sit well with him. In the DMs, he talks about the fact that this is making his name look bad and all he wants to do is protect his two children from all of this. Sound familiar? It’s exactly what Kim says during the show about her own children.

Kim Kardashian, Katie Joy from Instagram
Without a Crystal Ball | Instagram

How did Kim Kardashian respond?

As usual, Kim K. was totally cool in her responses to the rapper. Unlike Ray J, she didn’t speak in all capital letters and she very calmly let him know what was going on.

It sounds like she didn’t mean any ill will with what was said. At the time he sent this, he hadn’t even seen all of the episodes yet so he had no way of knowing how the situation was really handled. Luckily, Kim’s response really seemed to calm down the panic attack he was going through. He even let her know that he was feeling better.

“My team is demanding me to respond to what’s out there now bc it gets worse everyday I don’t say nothing. Now that we talked I feel different – I was gonna go extreme but not anymore – how should I respond?” she asks Kim.

Kim Kardashian, Ray J from Instagram
@withoutacrystalball | Instagram

It’s important to note that this message was not in all caps. So, he clearly really did calm down after Kim spoke to him.

Do you think Ray J had a right to yell at Kim Kardashian like that? Let us know what you think in the comments below. Come back to TV Shows Ace for more news on all of the Kardashian family drama.

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