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Danielle Busby Shares Silly Reason She Keeps Adam Around

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Danielle Busby and Adam Busby have made quite the life together with their six daughters. Despite all the craziness though, they are still able to make time for each other. Now, Danielle is sharing the silly reason she keeps her husband around.

Danielle Busby needs her husband

In the past, Danielle Busby has made it pretty clear she is superwoman. She can give birth to six daughters, then raise them while also being on a TV show and owning multiple businesses. She really makes it seem like she can do it all. However, on her Instagram story, she is revealing one reason she keeps her husband around.

Turns out, Adam Busby is good with screws.

“Geeze! Who knew there we [SIC] so many different size screw! Good thing Buzz is here with me!! Hahaha,” she starts.

She shares a photo of Adam standing in front of a giant wall of screws trying to pick out the perfect ones. Danielle says she can create and build however with the little details she needs some help. This includes knowing and picking out which screws to use for a project.

Danielle Busby | Youtube
Danielle Busby | Youtube

“I’m lost when it comes to this! I can create and build. But gotta have his brains for little important things like screws Hahaha,” she reveals.

Danielle hasn’t shared what project they are working on this time. However, in the Busby family, it seems like there is always something new and exciting going on. Hopefully, she will share the details with everyone soon.

Danielle Busby from Instagram
Danielle Busby | Instagram Story

Danielle’s baby boy

Of course, these screws could be for Danielle’s most precious project – her baby boy. She isn’t really having a baby boy. She just refers to her boutique as her baby and currently, her boutique is going through a huge change!

Originally an online-only store, Graeson Bee Boutique, is moving into a brick-and-mortar location so she can sell all of her items in person.

She has been continuously updating everyone on her Instagram story as well as the boutique’s Instagram story. It seems the new store is coming along great! Normally, this would be something that fans could watch happen on their show, OutDaughtered. 

Credit: Graeson Bee Boutique Instagram

While fans anxiously await the return of the family show, the family continues to avoid questions asking when they will be back. Turns out, social media may be the only way to follow the TLC fan favorites.

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