‘Sister Wives’: Robyn Brown Compared To Which ‘Teen Mom’ Star?

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Sister Wives fans have had many nicknames for fourth wife Robyn Brown. Due to the fact that she cries in almost every episode, she has been dubbed ‘Sobbyn’ Robyn. Now, she is being compared to a former Teen Mom star by fans. Does their reasoning have any validity?

Sister Wives Introduces A Fourth Wife

The Brown family was working just fine when the series started twelve years ago. They resided in Utah under one roof with their twelve children. The original three wives all had their individual roles while Kody made his rounds. Then something shifted and it only made sense that it was time to bring in a new wife. He met Robyn through his first wife, Meri, and fell hard for the single mother of three. It was not long before he was making the five-hour drive to another part of Utah to continue the courtship. This interfered with his scheduled three-wife rotation. More so, his third wife, Christine was pregnant with his thirteenth child so he should have been at home, helping prepare.


Luckily, her sister wives were there, getting the space in shape for baby Truely’s arrival. By the end of Season 1, Truely had arrived and Robyn was marrying Robyn. He started to favor her and her children more than the rest of his family which became apparent. Fast forward to Season 16 and he spent much of the pandemic at Robyn’s home. He claimed he felt safest there but Robyn consistently doted on him. Janelle was living life on her own as was Christine who eventually left the marriage. Meri and Kody were nothing but friends and much like her fellow sister wives, she travels and has her own life. So, why do fans think Robyn is like a former, controversial Teen Mom star?

Interesting Mash-Up

Recently, a Reddit thread was started comparing Robyn to former Teen Mom 2 star Jenelle (Evans) Eason. Other than receiving a ton of criticism for how they live their lives, what is similar about these two ladies? “They have a little bit of resemblance but I think that it’s mostly that they both radiate this sort of masculine energy,” the thread started. A fellow Redditor followed it up with this: “Best. Comment. I’ve. Ever. Read. You are my people.”


People started to agree on the fact the two both cried a lot to play the victim. One added: “They both dry cry too…” Another chimed in with a comment on their features: “Big old jaw, miserable little mouth, sperm brows.” Yes, the Brown ladies have had controversial brows for some time now. Finally, a Redditor had this to add: “Is it because nothing is ever their fault? Or is it the fact that they don’t really parent their children. They both cry alot lol they always blame others. They both keep setting their own children up for failure.” They definitely have more similarities than one would have initially thought.

Do you think the Sister Wives star and Jenelle are one and the same? Let us know in the comments.

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