‘GH’ Steve Burton’s Wife Sheree Pregnant With Another Man’s Baby?


Daytime Emmy Award winner Steve Burton has made a huge announcement. This time it has nothing to do with his career and everything to do with his personal life. He is sharing something extremely devastating that has rocked his whole world.

Steve Burton’s Major Career Change

At the end of November 2021, Steve confirmed that he had been let go from GH. Along with fellow longtime cast member Ingo Rademacher, they opted not to get vaccinated against Covid. The Walt Disney Company enforced a vaccine mandate to which actors had to adhere to. Though Burton attempted religious and medical exemptions, he was ultimately fired much to the dismay of fans and co-stars alike. Luckily, he had the support of his wife, Sheree, and their three children. The couple wed in 1999 and welcomed their first child, Makena in 2003. Their second child, son Jack was born in 2006. Finally, their baby girl, Brooklyn was born in 2014 and has been the apple of his eye.


When Steve is not working or with his kids, he and Sheree love to focus on their fitness. They have been very invested in that along with his comedy tour with Bradford Anderson. The two co-starred on GH with Anderson playing the role of Spinelli. Fans loved seeing the dynamic duo up close and personal. Yet, being let go from GH was not going to keep Steve off the television for long. There were rumors that he and Rademacher were going to get rehired but nothing was confirmed. Finally, he shared he had been cast in Beyond Salem but there was more to come.

A Devastating Revelation

Just a short while ago, Steve Burton shared some big news on his Instagram story. His wife is pregnant with her fourth child. However, it is not his. More so, the two have decided to separate after twenty-three years of marriage. According to Soap Hub, Sheree initially shared a post about how she was going to be a mom to four. It has since been deleted but not before it was captured and shared on Twitter. That was when Steve decided it was time to speak up and out.


As for when this all transpired, that is all being kept secret. Steve’s main focus is his children and their privacy during this truly difficult time. If you have followed the couple, they seemed like a very dedicated and devoted duo with common goals. This is extremely shocking and heartbreaking news. Hopefully, they can work through this with ease for their children and for one another.

Are you surprised that they split and she is expecting a baby that is not Steve’s? Let us know in the comments.

Amanda Lauren

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  1. When your entire career depends on the adulation of fans, it’s tricky asking for privacy when life goes wrong. Hopefully they can be there for their children, as this can be rather shocking to find out exactly what Mom did and why Dad is now out of the home. Still, when you live your life on social media and public events, there’s going to be backlash, good or bad.


  3. No one should be commenting, as a) it’s no one’s business but theirs, and b) no one knows the whole story except for the two of them. Assume nothing!

  4. I hate to say it but this isn’t uncommon for people that profess to be religious. They’re usually the ones breaking every rule in the Bible. Nevertheless, very sad for the couple and especially their children.

  5. Im surprised at your tacky post. Surely you are better than this. This is sleazy and invasive. Shame on you. Eileen n Vegas

  6. Must be painful for him, but being the public eye, he had to clear up the rumors that his wife was expecting their 4th child. Prayers to him.

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