Courtney Waldrop, YouTube

Courtney Waldrop Celebrates She’s A Survivor, Of What?

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Sweet Home Sextuplets mom Courtney Waldrop is sharing her story of survival with fans. She went into detail about some of her tough times, where she’s been, and what’s ahead. So, what is she a survivor of exactly?

Courtney Waldrop, YouTube

After some difficulties in her life, things have changed for Courtney, and she now has a reason to celebrate. She’s gotten past the hard things and some not-so-fun challenges.

Though the Waldrop family was on TLC for a little while, fans mostly got to take a peek inside the kids’ lives. While Courtney and her husband, Eric, were on the show, the focus was naturally on the kids.

Some of Courtney and Eric’s challenges are being brought to light, which is why she’s revealed to fans that she is a survivor.

As she moves on to brighter days, she’s telling fans all of the details. She seems to be very excited about what’s ahead. Keep reading to see what changed for Courtney Waldrop and her family.

Courtney Waldrop says things are getting better.

Courtney Waldrop, YouTube

In a new Instagram post on Tuesday, May 3, Courtney Waldrop shared a photo of her husband, Eric’s work truck. She also posted several photos of the kids outdoors.

Courtney Waldrop Instagram
Courtney Waldrop Instagram

Then, she explained, “This is our first time in two years actually make that three years to start our Summer out with grass😝 I know it sounds crazy to be celebrating that….but we were under construction for so long and I cannot explain how hard it was to have a yard full of dirt for almost three years with 9 kids and 6 toddlers😳 dirt was always all over the place.”

She admitted, “I’m not sure how I didn’t lose my mind, but I survived it!!🙌🏻”

Courtney Waldrop also gave fans some backstory for the state of her lawn. She said, “When your husband owns a landscaping business you’re the last to get any attention😝 because they’re out landscaping everyone else’s yard.”

Then, she warned, “So don’t look closely at my flower beds or anything else for that matter😝 those things need major attention…just proud of my freshly mowed green GRASS🙌🏻to start this Summer off right!!🤩☀️😎”

Courtney Waldrop Instagram

It looks like the Waldrops are already enjoying their beautiful yard and will make many memories there this summer.

So, can you believe that Courtney Waldrop “survived” after all of this time? Tell us your thoughts in the comments section below. And come back to TV Shows Ace for more Sweet Home Sextuplets news.

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  1. Wow to think that she feels she’s a survivor just because she made through not having grass. This entire article disgusted me.
    This is why the show was canceled, she is so shallow.
    God forbid she were to get cancer and she beat it. What would she call herself then?
    Please don’t waste any more time on the extremely ignorant self centered waste. I’m upset with myself for wasting time reading the article.

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