’90 Day Fiance’: Why Does Big Ed Brown’s Mom Call Him ‘Pony’?


90 Day Fiance fans may find Big Ed Brown questionable but they all agree his mother, Norma is a gem. She is his biggest supporter no matter what decisions he makes in his life. Yet viewers have long questioned just how she came upon his nickname, Pony. Search no longer because the answer is actually quite simple.

90 Day Fiance Viewers Meet Big Ed And Family

Big Ed was first introduced in Season 4 of Before the 90 Days. When he decided he was taking the leap and flying over to the Philippines to meet his internet love Rosemarie, there was some skepticism. Much of it came from his daughter, Tiffany who was actually older than Rose. She felt uncomfortable that her dad had not dated since he divorced her mom. Now he was flying overseas to be with someone he had never met and was much younger than her. The only person in Ed’s life who truly stuck by his side was his mother, Norma. She only wanted the best for her son, even if he was coloring his hair to appear younger and not always acting kind.


When he came home broken-hearted from his trip to the Philippines, Norma was right there to console her son. She made sure he was okay and felt comforted. By the time he started Season 1 of The Single Life, they were moving in together. Furthermore, she was helping him Nair his back which was a little too close to comfort. Anything for her ‘Pony’ as she affectionately referred to him. Norma even traveled with him in Season 2 to Mexico to meet a new possible love connection. Always there for her ‘Pony,’ fans adored her allegiance yet started to question where she came up with that nickname.

What’s In A Name?

Big Ed has appeared to have finally found everlasting love with on/off-again girlfriend-turned-fiancee Liz Woods. That does not mean his mother is out of the picture. She still very much adores her Pony and he needed her more than ever when his beloved pup, Teddy passed away. Two years ago, Norma went and answered some burning fan questions. They wanted to know where the nickname originated. She explained that she was changing his diapers and back then, they did not have disposables. There was only cloth with pins and he started to talk. Mind you he was only four months old.


She did add that even if they had disposable diapers, she could not have afforded them because Ed was a potty machine. While Norma was changing him, she told Ed not to touch the pins because they were so big. He then went on to repeat the word “pin, pin” over and over. It quickly transitioned from “pin, pin” to “pin, pin, pony.” So, from there, Pony just stuck and the rest is history. He seems to be okay with it as he has not stopped her after all of these years.

Are you surprised by how this originated? Let us know and watch 90 Day Fiance Sundays on TLC.


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