Jenelle Evans' OnlyFans & Her Joy That Teen Mom Dying? [Credit: Jenelle Evans/Instagram]

Jenelle Evans’ OnlyFans & Her Joy That ‘Teen Mom’ Dying?

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Jenelle Evans is feeling joyous these days. She expressed joy over Teen Mom dying. She also teased the possibility of having her own OnlyFans page. As TV Shows Ace previously reported, Teen Mom 2 Season 11 hit an all-time low. The ratings for the MTV reality series continue to plummet.

There is no way that the franchise to dig out of its hole. That doesn’t concern Jenelle since she hasn’t been part of the show for years. She claims to make more than she did when she was a cast member. After she shared a concerning post in March, Jenelle is looking forward to the future.

Jenelle Evans On TikTok [Credit: Jenelle Evans/TikTok]
[Credit: Jenelle Evans/TikTok]

Former Teen Mom star was depressed and hopeless

Jenelle Evans felt depressed amid her ongoing health issues. As fans know, she was diagnosed with fibromyalgia. This came with lots of aches and pains, and emotional ups and downs. She has both good days and bad days. But when the bad days come, they’re horrible.

The former reality star shared a concerning post on social media. Jenelle Evans took to her Instagram Stories to share an update with her fans. She posted a photo of blurry pink flowers against a clear blue sky. Jenelle opened up about her depression and said that no one wants to help her.

“I’m so depressed,” Jenelle Evans wrote on her Instagram Story. “No one is ever going to help me until my neck breaks I guess.”

Jenelle Evans Went Through Health Struggles [Credit: Jenelle Evans/Instagram Stories]
[Credit: Jenelle Evans/Instagram Stories]
Her Instagram post had fans concerned about her health and well-being. Jenelle Evans learned about her diagnosis after a series of tests. Even if she knows what’s wrong, she still feels alone in her health struggles. She hasn’t been getting the help she’s been expecting from her doctors.

Jenelle Evans expresses joy about many things

This month, Jenelle Evans is feeling better. She expressed joy about many things. On Monday, May 1, the former television personality took to her Instagram Stories to answer questions from her fans. One fan wanted to know if she plans to start her own OnlyFans page.

“Maybe, but not for sexy pics,” Jenelle Evans wrote. “Only for real fan content. Can’t cancel me on there.”

Another fan wanted to know her thoughts about the news that “Teen Mom is dying.” They claim that it’s been on a downward spiral ever since she left the show. Jenelle Evans expressed her joy about the show dying. She responded, “Couldn’t go any better.”

Jenelle Evans Instagram Stories [Credit: Jenelle Evans/Instagram Stories]
[Credit: Jenelle Evans/Instagram Stories]
A third fan wanted to know if she wants to return to reality TV. She’s open to the idea because she can “control my narrative and be [involved] as a producer.” Another fan was excited to hear that she will have her own reality show eventually. Jenelle joked that she needs “contacts” so she can pitch the idea.

What are your thoughts on Jenelle Evans joining OnlyFans? What do you think of Teen Mom dying? Do you think she should go back to television? Sound off below in the comment section.

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