‘Unexpected’: Fans Legitimately Scared Of Jason Korpi?


Unexpected is meant to revolve around the trials and tribulations of teen pregnancy. However, the main focus of Season 5 has been on newcomer Jason Korpi. The teenage boyfriend of Kylen Smith is an extremely controversial figure in the hit reality series. It has led fans to once again express their fears about Jason hoping someone will listen.

Jason And Kylen-More Than Unexpected Bargained For

There have been some interesting couples and situations in the TLC series. Now, this new season has brought viewers Kylen and Jason. They knew of each other and commented via social media. She thought he was cute so she asked for his info, claiming it was for a friend. Of course, it was for her but he was a bit of a player. He liked her, as well and they started a situation and in the year they have been together, the two created a baby. Unfortunately, he does not have the best reputation which actually started prior to the series beginning. Yet it was what viewers saw once the series began and Jason was overly controlling.


He wanted to tell Kylen what she could and could not do leading her to constantly defer to him. Jason even felt the need to tell her what kind of birth she should have. Despite Kylen wanting to give birth in a hospital, Jason preferred a home birth mainly so he could have control. He did not feel he would be allowed in the hospital room yet this was what she was comfortable with. Furthermore, her parents have been alienated from her. Jason thinks it’s okay to hang out with his friends all of the time but her parents are unnecessary. With Kylen set to have their baby boy, he also wants to control if she gets an epidural. Essentially, fans have had enough.

Scared Of Jason?

As of March 2022, there was a warrant for Jason’s arrest after physically being arrested in February with eleven charges pending. This was not much of a shock to fans as they have seen his controlling ways. Now a Reddit thread was started after the most recent episode. One Redditor who chooses to listen most weeks actually sat down and watched this week’s episode. They said Jason gave “strong sadist vibes” and added, “he’s legitimately scary.” More fans chimed in to share their strong feelings about Jason and his behavior.


“He’s an abuser. If this is what he does on camera what else does/will he do off camera? It’s scary,” one commented. Another added: “He’s currently facing a bunch of charges (I don’t think any felonies) and I’m hoping that he gets as much time behind bars as possible. I hope that if Kylen can get away from him for just a little bit, she can gain some clarity and courage.” Fans are desperate for Kylen to get away simply so she can see her worth because they are scared for her. They see Jason as the abusive type and feel she deserves so much better.

What are your feelings toward Jason or are you over him completely? Let us know and watch Unexpected Sundays on TLC.

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  1. Someone needs to help this girl. This boy is definitely a controlling person. What happens when the baby will not stop crying and he demands that the child be quiet. I can see him becoming violent with the mother for sure and maybe the child. He is a textbook domestic abuser. The controlling will continually grow and Kylen will have no one to turn to. Hopefully she turns to her parents now when she still has both of them for support. This is so sad to watch. I was so angry watching this last episode, I don’t think TLC would put these kids up to this story line, but if they did its a knew low.

    1. This is so upsetting to watch. I am angry and upset and crying watch last nights episode. What is wrong with Jason’s parents why are the afraid of their own seed. Now the boy is learning how to be a abuser and no one is stopping him. Such a shame!!!!!

    2. This story is so sad. That little boy put a hold on her. He is clueless about what is right. I could not stop crying for Kayla. Someone should have pushed his ass out the room. This girl could have died and baby could have died. These people should have punched this prick in the face. This abuse is so dangerous because the mom wants the dad to be there. I hope they lock him up and throw away the key.

    3. I think TLC has a moral obligation to address this situation as abusive. Jason’s controlling behavior will only escalate until kylee is completely isolated. I fear for both kylee and the baby. His abusive behavior is abhorrent!

      TLC must address this situation for young girls in the same situation. Please do a mix of Jason’s behavior and point out the abuse. Most people don’t think about verbal abuse. I’m sure he’s also physically abusive. I was a maternal infant nurse for 25 years and trained with our local WOMEN’S CENTER. Kylee can’t stay with Jason until she’s educated about the abuse. I was trained at our local WOMEN’S CENTER. I know abuse when I see it. Kylee should have gone home with a hotline number tucked into her shoe for when she’s ready. Unfortunately it takes many times of trying before a woman eventually leaves. AND WHEN SHE LEABES IS THE MOSY DANGEROUS TIME. HE WANTS TO CONTROL HER. HE HAS POOR SELF ESTEEM. HE NEEDS TO BE IN A DETENTION CENTER BEFORE HE GETS SO AGITATED THAT HE GIVES THE CHILD SHAKEN BABY SYNDROME!

      It broke my heart every time I heard Jason controlling kylee. He treats her worse than a dog.

    4. TLC shouldn’t even let him be apart of the shoe. The way he’s acting it seems as if he’s the one on drugs. He’s obviously uneducated about life period! His parents are cosigning his stupidity. Kyle needs to stop allowing herself to be verbally and mentally abused by that idiot. It’s ridiculous.

  2. After seeing lastnight episode of kylen in so muxh paiN and him not wanting her to be check or have a iv fluid…..BUT YET HE WAS SITTING IN A CHAIR EATING AND VAPING… WTH. JASON YOU NEED A WAKE UP CALL.. I HOPE THIS NEXT EPISODE KYLEN GETS WHATEVER SHE WANTS .SHE NEED HER PARENTS and he need to go….

    1. You are so correct. His parents need to kick him to the curb an tell him time to grow up. Get his own place. He does not care for Kylen he just wants to control someone. I cannot believe his parents. Please someone send this girl home to her parents.

    2. I hope he watches his own show.. and see himself. I hope he sits with his parents and see .and I hope producer get a bit more involved. Cause there creating a monster..

      1. IF he could learn anything he wouldn’t have tortured Kylen for over a day! He obviously refused any birthing classes or he would have learned that little to no drugs pass to the baby that are given during labor, he would have learned that not getting rest during long labor is dangerous for mother and baby, he would have learned that is he was a “partner” in the labor and done the “lessons together” Kylen could have done better with the labor. You who claim to not like “change in plans” doesn’t plan very well having a baby at your age and maturity level is not a good plan. Better get flexible!

  3. I hope TLC is keeping her safe. That’s all I am saying. It is abuse they are filming and witnessing firsthand.

  4. If her father is terminal as stated on the show, I hope he takes out that P.O.S. before he leaves this earth. It would be the best thing that could happen for her and her son. Just an opinion.

  5. I am so sad for Kylen, Jason makes me sick. Watching him all season was bad but watching him with Kylen during her labor made my heart break for her. She’s so young and doesn’t understand how abusive he is. He will abuse his child eventually….

  6. I feel so sad for that girl I just want to reach through the TV and bust his head, because he is not in his right mind has no clue on what it feels like to have a baby.

  7. I hope he watches his own show.. and see himself. I hope he sits with his parents and see .and I hope producer get a bit more involved. Cause there creating a monster..

  8. There has never been a time I was equally as disgusted, and furious at another person actions as I am watching Jason and the way he is treating Kylen. He is a pathetic, abusive, puny little biatch. Completely ignorant. Kylen needs to get away ASAP!

  9. That punk will never be a boy, that punk will never be a man, that punk will never be a father, that punk will forever be a prick. He’s so lucky he doesn’t know my daughter. His father needs to do sum abuse on him, a boot to the face a few times, before his boots start connecting with Kylen an the baby for not wearing cloth diapers or worse. For the love of God she has got to get away from him, she needs her parents, but they are not strong enough to help her. He should be forced to read all reviews.

  10. Jason is a poor excuse for a baby daddy. He is so uneducated saying that there was methamphetamines in the epidural.. lol, at least he should know what the heck he is talking about before he opens his mouth. Jason is abusive and he didn’t want a hospital birth because he wanted full control over Kylen and he knew his dumbass would be figured out at the hospital. My heart went out to kylen when she was having exhausting contractions and begged for the epidural and Jason just demeaned her. Those poor nurses at the delivery center tried to be nice, but it must have been difficult. I’m so glad the anesthesiologist at the hospital basically told him that he shouldn’t speak to something he clearly has no clue about and also told him that it wasn’t affecting his kid but instead was there to help Kylen safely deliver a healthy baby. Man that LDRP department had its hands full that night. TLC has an obligation to address this and help Kylen get the hell away from this piece of crap guy.

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