‘Unexpected’: Fans Have Had Enough Of Emersyn’s Mother?

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Unexpected fans have some strong feelings about the cast this season. They outwardly cannot stand Kylen Smith’s boyfriend Jason Korpi. Another person who has caused some harsh reactions is fellow newcomer Emersyn Potter’s mother, Erica. Reddit threads have started calling her out about her behavior thus far. It appears viewers have simply had enough.

Meeting Emersyn And Co. On Unexpected 

Emersyn is the latest teenage mother joining Season 5 alongside her boyfriend, Mason Ramirez. Neither is that well-prepared for parenthood but they are trying their best. There are a lot of other issues going on in the teen mother’s life. She is at odds with her very strict mother, Erica. Erica is doing everything she can to keep her daughter and Mason apart but it’s a little too late. Emersyn was admittedly a rebellious teen but it stemmed from a rough upbringing. Erica believes this pregnancy would not have happened had Shannon not been locked up. As for Emersyn, she complained that her mom and stepdad, Sai kept her locked in the home.


Apparently, they did this upon finding her smoking pot and started to look at boarding schools. Then the pandemic hit and that was all put on the backburner. She was sneaking out of the house and ultimately ended up getting pregnant. In a twist, Erica was also pregnant, as well. Once Emersyn’s pregnancy was in full swing, she decided to ask her mom about sleeping arrangements. She wanted Mason to sleep with her in her living space once the baby was born. This was not something her mom was amenable to whatsoever but Emersyn did not care. Despite being eighteen, to Erica, she was still a child. Yet these are really not the main problems fans are having with Erica.

No Love From Viewers

When Emersyn was in labor, Mason and her grandmother were sent with her to the hospital. Erica claimed she wanted to be there with her but couldn’t. After she got her epidural, she fell asleep as did Mason and grandma. Erica proceeded to complain about how frustrated she was that Mason was asleep and fans feel it has gotten to be too much. They believe he is actually trying and if and when Emersyn needed him, she would have woken him up. According to a Reddit thread: “That lady needs meds, she’s high strung.” Soon, fellow Redditors chimed in with similar sentiments.


“I honestly bet she’s going to end up moving in with Mason instead of living with her mom because of the rules and so it’ll be easier for her to raise the baby with him,” one commented. Another added: “She’s mad she lost control so she’s holding on to what little she has left.” One concluded with: “Her mom is so demanding and controlling and can’t understand why her child was lying and sneaking. She wants to control who can and can’t be involved in the baby. She wants to push mason away so emersyn doesn’t have anyone but her.” It seems the general consensus is the more Erica pushes, the harder her daughter will rebel.

Do you think Erica needs to lighten up on Emersyn and Mason? Let us know and watch Unexpected Sunday nights on TLC.

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  1. I don’t feel that way at all about Erica. Her house, her rules which both Emersyn and Mason violated many times.

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