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Trent Johnston Finally Gets Called ‘Big Daddy’, By Who?

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7 Little Johnstons star Trent Johnston is finally being called “Big Daddy.” Someone decided it was time to put his nickname to good use. Stick around to see who it is and what Trent has to say about it.

If you follow the Johnstons on social media, you may know that the dad has long referred to himself as “Big Daddy.” In several Instagram posts, Trent has called himself “Big Daddy.” He seems to like this nickname and wishes it would catch on. However, this isn’t something that the rest of the family has gotten on board with just yet.

Some fans have used this nickname for him when interacting with him on social media.

Trent Johnston, YouTube

Fortunately, it looks like the wait is officially over, and he can finally go by the nickname he’s been wanting to. Outside of social media, people are now calling him by his nickname. Who agreed to refer to Trent Johnston as “Big Daddy,” though?

Trent Johnston reveals his nickname is finally being used.

Now, Trent Johnston is finally being called “Big Daddy.”

In a new Instagram post, Trent shared a photo of himself at work. He’s sitting at his desk as he snaps a selfie. The snap also features two of his younger co-workers, who are sitting across from him and also smiling for the camera. The TLC star proudly writes, “My two work sons. They call me Big Daddy.”

It looks like Trent is thrilled that someone will finally call him “Big Daddy” after all this time.

Trent Johnston Instagram
Trent Johnston Instagram

For those who don’t know, Trent is a car salesman. On the show, fans saw him quit his previous job and start his new career selling cars.

In the comments section of Trent’s new post, TLC fans are reacting to his nickname from his “work sons.” Many of them think this new post is hilarious, and they love that this nickname is getting some good use. Someone says, “Love Trent 😂”

Another fan adds, “When you biological family doesn’t want to call you big daddy, so you get your coworkers to do it! Love it!😂”

Trent Johnston Instagram7 Little Johnstons

Someone else says, “You are Big Daddy to us all!!”

So, does it surprise you that Trent Johnston is finally being called “Big Daddy?” What do you think of his new post about his “work sons?” Tell us your thoughts in the comments section below. And come back to TV Shows Ace for more 7 Little Johnstons news.

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