Did Caryn Chandler Destroy Matt Roloff’s Family?

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Is Caryn Chandler to blame for destroying Matt Roloff’s family? Some Little People, Big World fans believe that to be the case. This past weekend, TLC dropped a teaser on Instagram for the upcoming season of LPBW. Fans believe this teaser only further highlighted the damage Caryn has done to this family.

As TvShowsAce preciously reported, fans were furious as they watched Matt Roloff’s girlfriend smirk while his relationship with Zach fell apart. Fans, however, admit they don’t understand why Caryn should have any say in what happens to Roloff Farms.

LPBW Trailer - Instagram
LPBW Trailer – Instagram

Did Caryn Chandler destroy Matt Roloff’s family?

In the comments of this LPBW trailer, there was no love for Caryn Chandler. She only appeared for a few brief seconds in this particular trailer. But, those few seconds were enough for fans to be reminded they just don’t like her.

One fan penned in the comments: “Since Karen came into Matt’s life things has drastically change. Looks to me she wants it all to herself one day!!! Love is blind.”

“Karen should have no involvement or say so regarding the farm or any family issues. At the end of the day they are his kids and his relationship with them is priority,” another fan chimed in.

A third added: “Not so found of Karen’s little smile while Matt is talking about this, it’s unsettling!”

Caryn Chandler/Matt Roloff/Instagram
Caryn Chandler/Matt Roloff/Instagram

Are fans jumping the gun with their frustrations?

Not everyone is coming for Matt and Caryn in the comments. One fan points out that this trailer leaves a lot of information out. For starters, fans have no idea what Zach offered his father for the farm. Perhaps Zach and Tori lowballed Matt thinking he would just give them the keys to the castle.

While LPBW fans were willing to give Matt the benefit of the doubt, they did not have any love for Caryn Chandler.

I thought Karen was a nice lady. She shows a different side to her every time she on tv. I know reality tv isn’t reality but this is ridiculous!!I know now why Amy has her reservations about Karen. She’s sneaky. I don’t trust her.”

Do you think Caryn Chandler broke Matt Roloff’s family? Was she smirking while she watched Matt and Zach fall apart? Let us know what you think in the comments down below. And, keep coming back for more LPBW news.


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  1. Caryn should have had no involvement with the sale between Matt and his children – they pushed Amy off the farm and now the last of the Roloff children are off too! Caryn has taken over and she is all that is left. A sad day for the Roloff family and watching Caryn smirk did it for me. I have been a fan of the show since it started – but no more. Watching people take advantage of that family and ousting everyone else change the name to the Caryn show and finally leave the rest of them alone in peace.

    1. I agree 100% Matt Roloff needs to see that Caryn is making him choose between his Children and grandchildren!

      1. I think Matt moved on and Caryn is part of his life and should be involved in his life‘s decisions
        I think Caryn is funny
        I think Amy is still in love with Matt
        My heart goes out to her w divorce
        They have both done a wonderful job raising four great kids
        Amy is happily married again.
        I honestly don’t think that Zack or any of their kids, will take care of the farm, the right way.
        He should sell it.

    2. Another man that loves his girlfriend over his kids.The one he sleeps with gets the farm!Men are so dumb!she’s turning you against your kids! Be a man Matt! Dump her! She working you!

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