‘Sister Wives’ Fans Can Have Paedon Brown’s Time For $10?

Paedon Brown from YouTube

There are many Sister Wives fans out there that would absolutely love to have a chance to connect with members of the Brown family. And now, it seems like there is a new option to contact Paedon Brown if fans wish.

The only son of Christine Brown recently announced he’s on Cameo. For a small fee, Paedon’s fans can ask for a video shoutout, ask the TLC star questions, and more. Keep reading to learn a little bit more.

How can Sister Wives fans reach Paedon Brown?

Over the past few years, Paedon Brown has emerged as sort of a controversial Sister Wives figure. He seems to enjoy rattling his family’s feathers by airing their dirty laundry to the press. Some fans love this, while others wish he was a little more respectful of his family’s privacy. It’s hard enough being a reality TV family without an inside source leaking everything to the press.

Paedon Brown/Instagram

However, other Sister Wives fans really love Paedon. They think he’s charismatic and funny and would love to have a chance to hear from him. These viewers would really benefit from paying for a Cameo by Paedon himself.

Interested Sister Wives fans can visit Paedon’s Cameo page to get the inside scoop. Right now, the TLC star is charging $10 for a personal shoutout and $250 for a business collaboration.

Paedon Brown/Cameo

Some people with Cameo profiles are known to charge hundreds of dollars for a shoutout, so $10 is really quite low for the platform.

And Paedon isn’t the only member of the Brown family to launch his Cameo profile recently. His mother Christine Brown also announced she’s returning to the platform and can’t wait to engage with fans.

What kind of advice will the Sister Wives star share on Cameo?

On his Cameo profile, Paedon Brown also suggests that he’s offering advice for people that purchase a video. But what kind of advice would Paedon offer?

The TLC star is already pretty active on TikTok where he offers advice too. In one of his more recent videos, he had a pretty positive message to share.

“Stop trying to be good enough for them and just be you,” he says to the camera.

Regardless of how fans really feel about the 23-year-old, most people can agree that’s a great message to spread.

Would you ever pay for a Cameo from Paedon Brown? What about any other members of the Sister Wives cast? Be sure to leave your thoughts and opinions in the link below.

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