‘Unexpected’: Kylen Smith And Jason Korpi Still Together?

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Season 5 of Unexpected has welcomed some new faces. One of the newest couples is Kylen Smith and Jason Korpi. Many fans want Kylen to see the light and leave her teenage boyfriend. However, has she put her foot down and finally stepped out on her own?

An Unexpected Villain In Korpi

Prior to joining the hit TLC reality series about teenage pregnancy, Jason was facing scrutiny for appearing violent. He made TikTok videos and holes were seen in the walls so he was facing physical assault allegations. Then the show began and viewers despised him. He was deemed controlling towards his pregnant girlfriend, Kylen. She deferred to him for everything and could not even see her family. When it came to her birthing plan, she wanted to have the baby in a hospital. It just felt more comfortable for the first time mother. Unfortunately, Jason had other plans. He wanted her to have a home birth but not because he believed in the practice.


For Jason, he feared he would not be allowed in the hospital room during the birth. Fans could not believe he was attempting to dictate what Kylen did with her body. At the same time, her parents were furious because they just wanted to be near her while she was pregnant. They also wanted to know they could see their grandchild when it was born. He set forth rules for her that he felt were right and it seemed she was under his spell. Jason ended up getting arrested at the hospital and it would not be the only time he faced charges.

Still Together?

As it turns out, Jason was first charged in 2019 and then arrested in July 2021. This year, a warrant was issued for his arrest with eleven pending charges. It did not come as that big of a shock for fans of Unexpected as this was actually something they expected of him. They had hoped Kylen would take the couple’s son and go back home to her parents. Has she finally realized she deserved better and left Jason for good? According to Reality Titbit, the answer is no. They checked into both Kylen and Jason’s Instagram accounts and it appears the duo is still very much together.


Fans were not amused to learn this news. Many had hoped her parents would have come in and swooped her up and away. “He is abusive to her in plain sight. Why are these parents or TLC intervening?” one asked. Another added: “Very disturbing to watch. I can only hope he watches himself and learns from his bad behaviors. If this was my daughter….ABUSE at its finest. Very sad.” Only time will tell if this love is fleeting or everlasting.

Are you surprised the couple is still together? Let us know and watch Unexpected every Sunday night.

Amanda Nowitz

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  1. I think this Jason is a total thug. Hopefully Kylen realizes very soon that she is her own person and NOBODY controls her! I am so upset watching this little boy tell her she needs to suffer through this labor. I’m really disappointed that Kylen hasn’t told him to hit the road!! So horrible to watch! I want to say so much more, but you get the drift. Nothing impressive about this little punk. He deserves to be VERY alone!

    1. His parents are just as bad as he is. They allow him to disrespect them, and treat her badly also. She needs to go to her parents’ home where she and the baby will be loved and treated kindly.

      1. I completely agree. They could take away his car, insurance, & cellphone. Or, kick him out and she’d have to back to her loving parents. Everyone know that abusers like to isolate their victim. He is dangerous! And, TLC should intervine.

      2. This punk is trying to tell us on the show, that he doesn’t believe in drugs? Give us a break, he looks and I’m sure is higher than a kite.
        He needs to be off the show and TLC needs to be held responsible for having him on there.,
        I remember when TLC was a reputable show,now its garbage with half the programs now.
        Maybe take TLC off if they continue to show trash.
        That little girl needs to go home with her baby & parents and grow up.
        The baby deserves better than what she is offering it now.

    2. Totally agree and cannot believe that TLC would keep such abuse airing on their show- What does this show others- this girl deserves so much more and it is a shame that others are not helping her realize that.

    3. I totally agree ! Jason is a total LOSER! He is controlling the entire situation. Kylen won’t stand up to him. WHERE ARE THEIR PARENTS ? I Feel bad for her, that she has to go thru life with this guy as the baby’s father !

      1. I wonder how TLC feels about putting him on TV when he is visably abusive. I like this show but I fast forward thru him the verbal abuse is over whelming. Shame on you TLC for even putting him on TV. Hope her family wakes up and trys to save her.

      2. I agree! His parents let him get away with whatever he wanted his whole life instead of correcting him!! You can just see it!!! His dad says he doesn’t know what to do- I’LL TELL YOU WHAT TO DO!!! Beat his a$$!!!! Most people with lousy parents end up being lousy parents themselves. I feel sorry for this poor baby- I hope child services are watching!!!

    4. This Jason douch bag, is pretty damn ignorant. He thinks he knows everything. He’s a narcissist, full blown punk. He really believes in pregnancy plans.lmao Boy, have you got a lot to learn. Comparing animals to human pregnancy! Are you serious! Your one dumb azz. Kylen, you are on the road to disaster. Grow up. He cares only about himself. He’s a full blown narcissist. It’s his way or no way. Dump him.

  2. I have just started watching the show “Unexpected” and I already want to kick Jason’s ass.. My heart is broken for this poor girl..Sundays show was so sad.. someone the show or someone should have stepped in and help that poor girl sooner.. her and the babies life were put in jeopardy and it was bulshit.. 100% FUCKED UP.. I wish I could have an hour to talk with that poor girl.. let her know she does not deserve this.. I will be praying for her and the little baby everyday..

    1. As a doula and childbirth educator I am appalled at the behavior of Jason towards Kaylen during her labor. It’s unfortunate that this loser of a boyfriend didn’t at least do some research on a birthing center vs a hospital for Kaylen’s labor & delivery as well as the two of them should of taken some birthing class from a midwife or from the birth center where they would of understood what to expect during the course of labor and what would be happening to kaylen’s body during the different stages of labor. When he kept making comments on it not being real labor as her cervix hadn’t dilated or it wasn’t real as her waters hadn’t broke, someone filming corrects him by stating that labors onset is by having contractions was perfect. More interjections should have been made towards his immature, ignorant behavior. I understand TLC in making Jason out to be a villain of sorts, but he is putting kaylen and their baby Xavier at risk. TLC is portraying Kalen as the meek and mild girlfriend, clearly under Jason’s thumb. Jason is clearly exhibiting classic signs of an abuser especially since he has isolated Kaylen from her parents and friends. TLC shows Jason visiting friends with Kaylen in tow, however, we’ve not seen her reaching out to any of her friends for emotional support. It’s a slippery slope. The last thing your viewers need is any type of acceptance of this type of behavior as being anything but unhealthy for Kaylen and her unborn baby. Personally I fear his personality as an abuser potentially hurting a crying baby throughout the night as his sleep would be disturbed. I’m aware of his upcoming arrest, however, the fact that they are still a couple as is being stated in some of the spoilers, I’m hopeful that TLC have some counseling or someone of authority in place in case this young man becomes diabolical. As I said earlier, this is a slippery slope where now another innocent little life is at stake. 😠😩😥😡!!!

      1. I would like to spend some time with that punk abuser. He doesn’t know anything about women or giving birth. Let him try to push his head down through his penis and maybe he wouldn’t be such an asshole. Someone please help Keylan and get her help getting away from her boyfriend.

    2. I would like to spend some alone time with her also. She was in that birthing pool crying and he showed no pity. Even the midwives were mad at him. He acts like he has medical knowledge, but he is a punk who needs his a** kicked. Her mother “dropped the ball” in trying to teach her daughter how to be a person who has self esteem and not allow herself to be used and abused.

    3. Totally agree- this “boy” needs some reality lessons- how can someone treat someone like this and think it is ok- Her poor parents must be going through living h— watching these shows and someone who came from an abusive teenage pregnancy and relationship- I just want to be able to help her somehow.

  3. Just watched an episode where Kylen is in labour and was very disturbed by Jason’s abusive, ignorant and controlling behaviour. As an RN, I felt his behaviour was downright dangerous to Kylen and his unborn son, Shocking !!

    1. Jason didn’t want to use the hospital because he didn’t want to pay the hospital bill. He is not liable because they are not married. Same thing with denying her a ride in an ambulance, he didn’t want to pay. He is such an idiot. I can’t believe Kylen still has the illusion that he lives her. And since she is a minor, couldn’t her parents have insisted she live at home?

  4. She needs to dump him. He is so controlling of her! Shame on him!! I hope she gets smart and goes home to her parents t!

  5. Jason is a loser. And Kyler reminds me of someone who would be in a cult. She is extremely weak minded and has no common sense. Jason is a horrible person. His parents should have sent him to boot camp or something. He is a nasty person and I hope Kylen gets out before he kills her whether intentionally or by just being an idiot and leading her to do something dangerous.

  6. It is absolutely heartbreaking to watch Kylen needlessly suffer and be forced to put their babies life in jeopardy. He is BEYOND abusive and everyone is just sitting around letting it happen. Child services should have been called because she is a child herself and being with this idiot is putting her and her babies life at risk. He will kill her one day and every single person will have seen it coming a mile away yet no one has done a thing!!! So sad!!!

    1. I so agree. I just wanted to reach through that TV and smack him upside the head. He has no right to make any decision for her going through labor and the pain she was in!!! It wasn’t his body in pain so how could he tell her she’s not in that much pain, well how the hell did he know he wasn’t feeling it. I’m not a violent person but I don’t know how Kylan’s dad is not going after him. If that was my daughter I would kill him for treating her that way.

  7. This last episode was very difficult to watch. The producers should have intervened and stopped the abuse. Hopefully the grandparents will protect the baby from the abuse that is sure to happen.

    I can’t see her ever leaving him but I am 100% sure he will leave her for someone new. I hope her dad is alive to enjoy that day. It is apparent that He really doesn’t like her at all. He just enjoys having someone to control and torture.

    I have to wonder why he is the way he is. Is there some abuse in his life we don’t know about? I feel there is no hope for him. I predict he will spend a lot of his life in prison.

    1. I think she would be better off if he went to prison. I’ve watched that episode a few times and yell at him through the screen everytime. He has no clue about birth or anything for that matter. He is abusive and controlling. I pray to God that she leaves him before it’s too late

  8. Can’t believe how much I loathe him. Still can’t believe he was vaping during tub segment of show!!
    TLC should not only step in but call someone when there is abuse!!

  9. This poor girl has suffered so bad through her labor and nobody, NOBODY at all stepped in and spoke up for her. She is 17 and already terrified about her delivery but also dealing with this abusive boyfriend and nobody is even calling her parents. Why? He’s a punk and I hope she figures it out soon. His own parents talk about how bad his behavior and character is. Why hasn’t his dad stomped his butt? This entire storyline pisses me off. What happened to if you see something, say something? Shame on you, TLC!!!

  10. I really don’t like this kid , and that is what he is . When daughter was pregnant at 17 and I was the one that said where she was going not her boyfriend at the time now husband. Because at 17 she was still under age . He needs his ass beat for tell her to push though it , then when the mid wife said they need to go to the hospital he wanted to go home and sleep. I hope she opens her eyes and go back home with her parents. Why don’t his parents step up and tell him something ? TLC needs to talk to his parents about his behavior.

    1. Yes….he is abusive, and his parents should have corrected his actions as a child. Even now, they allow him to speak to them rudely. Kylen needs to act like she has some common sense and leave this bully. Her parents need to bring her home….his parents act like they’re afraid to cross him.

  11. Watching the latest episode was so hard to watch. I am so sick to my stomach. Why are the parents not there. Covid or not, they are both minors and should not be able to make decisions or deny the necessary medical help. Their parents should and absolutely needs to be there. I am proud of the birthing center for kicking them out, however, as a mandate reported, they should have called protective services, and maybe they did. I have never seen a child be given the chance to have so much control. His parents need to step in and parent him or he is going to become a little boy lost and spiral out of control and take Kylen and his child down with him. Someone has to step in.

    1. His parents should have stepped in years ago and disciplined this rotten kid. Even now, they allow him to be rude towards them. And they watch him abuse this poor little clueless child he knocked up. She was giggling in the background when he was bragging about “rawdogging.”

    2. I’m probably the most disgusted and angry person on the plant right now and if I could dive through my TV I would. I had a child at 16 in 1993 and they essentially deem you as emancipated so you are an adult at that point.
      I’ve been through DV as well and this is the most painful thing I’ve ever watched on TV!
      For the 1st time in my life, I signed a Petition and donated $ to get his flipping a** off TV!

  12. TLC! Jason is abusive and I know he is being paid by you. Who picked this creep? You are putting a story line before lives. Shame on you.

  13. Why would TLC air this abusive behavior against a child or anyone it’s disgusting and disturbing if u want this on ur show please put a warning on the screen so that young women will know it’s wrong and they should seek help if in this situation!!

    1. Totally agree- very upset with TLC- they are giving the wrong message to anyone in a domestic relationship- This “boy” needs to be dealt with in a legal way and his parents are not helping the situation with compling to his behavior and actions toward them. This “boy” needs to get a reality check before it is too late for mom and baby.

    2. OMG I so agree! I’m pushing 50 and just signed the Petition to get him off of TV. This is nauseating and really hard to watch. Both my daughter and I were pregnant at the age of 16 so I am mortified!

  14. I cannot believe what I am seeing. Please someone get this girl and that baby away from him. She is a victim of emotional abuse.. (physical would not surprise me) His parents need to kick him to the curb… Kylen deserves so much more. Her parents have every right to be worried…

  15. Jason is a real loser with nothing to offer. He’s a subhuman, it’s beyond me what any girl would be attracted to him, he’s a serious weirdo💩

  16. What is this TV show doing? It is 2022 and people watching Unexpected are of all ages. What worries me is that young viewers are watching this show and may think it is okay to be treated this way. Abuse is always wrong and the show is glorifying it as if it is okay. Jason and Kylen’s story needs to be removed from theair. There is his family, her family and tv producers watching Jason abuse and threaten this poor girl. It is emotional abuse that will turn physical (if it’s not clear by the way he treated her at the birthing center). This boy needs his Dad to quit saying he’s not proud of how the boy turned out and cut him off! No more home, no more money, and no more support. Jason says he wants to move out and be an adult – let him do it all alone where his attitude and mouth will land him in some real world situations without Mom and Dad bailing him out. As for Kylen someone please reunite her with her Mom and Dad for support and a reminder of that love is unconditional and not tethered to following someone else’s plans and demands. Also to the producers you should be ashamed letting other young girls think that they just need to buckle under and do as they’re told. Abuse is wrong at any age but, Kyle is way to young to understand that this is not love. Also, to the producers shame on you for airing this story rather than contacting CPS or another support team to protect Kylen. Forget your ratings and get this young girl and her child away from him and get her some counseling ASAP. The next thing we’ll hear is that Jason has severely hurt her or the baby – if he doesn’t kill them first. TV is for fun but, airing active abuse and nobody doing anything is a crime, whether you’re a producer or his parents. I do not condone violence but, maybe his father needs to treat him the way he treats everyone else. Be a father and put that boy in his place. I hope Kylen and the baby don’t suffer for the rest of their lives over the damage some narcissistic teenage boy has caused. For Kylen, please get help you and your son deserve to be truly loved and to not live in fear. You are important and you do matter.

  17. OK I’m glad others agree with me about this douche bag Jason. If he was having the baby you know his punk ass wouldn’t be getting something for pain. He is a total loser.

  18. TLC should be ashamed for allowing this abuse to continue on KYLEN and especially her being PREGNANT.Leaving the baby at HIGH RISK!!!

  19. This Ass is worried about drug’s? It’s obvious he’s had his share. I am glad they are delivering at the hospital because the entire staff are mandated reporters. I want to know what he plans on doing when it comes to vaccinations the baby’s need especially in todays world. Someone needs to put this POS in check.

  20. I literally have had a hard time watching it and had to turn it off. Sooooo horrible there aren’t words! Kylen I’m sorry, but take it from some who is pushing 50 and who has experienced domestic violence 1st hand and can spot it a mile away, this is NOT normal. I feel soooo bad for u that I hurt.

  21. Get this horrible human off of this network and please sign the petition and contribute. She is so young she doesn’t understand but one day she will that mom/dad will always be her best friends!

  22. Ohh my goodness!!! Jason is an absolute animal and doesn’t need to be on this TV show! He is nothing but abusive, nasty, uncaring and couldn’t care less about Kaylen. Jason needs to be taught a few lessons!!! His parents are just as awful. He is an arrogant loser and needs to be taken off this show. Kaylen should get rid of him or she will be abused for a long time. So many people even people on here posting would gladly help her get on her feet without that rotten abusive turd!! I hope he gets arrested for his abuse and threats…he is just a sad loser that only wants control over her. He has nothing to offer, he will in no way be a blessing or a positive in her life. I understand Kaylen and the way she is because I was like her when I was her age…but I wish that she would toughen up and stand up to him so she can protect her son from this garbage bag of a boy. My dad would certainly take him behind the shed and “teach” him a few things that he would never forget! He would fly right after that for sure. TLC should step in and get him away from her. It is heartbreaking watching Kaylen being abused by this animal!!
    Run Kaylen….for your safety and your son’s.
    Good luck to you!!

    1. To #Littleman

      When my 16 yr old daughter was in labor, she suffered from maternal exhaustion and it was scary. The Dr and nurses kept saying hurry you need to push because the baby’s heart rate is super low. My daughter was passing out as everyone was yelling to push and while I her legs. It was so scary. As soon as she delivered, I walked out and threw up. Jason did this on purpose to look macho. Jason you look like the least macho person on the planet, “little man.”
      Poor Kylen bc she wasn’t in labor anywhere near as long as my daughter was! What a trooper.
      If “littleman” would’ve gotten his way, I’m not sure if he’d have a child.

      1. I noticed when they were in labor the nurse was trying to get known a IV because she was so exhausted and her blood pressure was rising and Jason said no she is not getting an IV it has drugs in it well I guess he had no idea that when her blood pressure rises it cuts off the oxygen to the baby’s brain and that can give the baby brain damage or the baby could die this guy has got to be biggest idiot I have ever seen I just kept thinking this can not be true

  23. I incorrectly stated “pushing” when I mean “in labor.” I don’t trust “little man.”

    Probably sad how many people are not going to sleep tonight because of how awful he was. Did anyone hear Jason’s mother’s explanation and that he did it for a reason, that he thought his child was in danger?
    I’m pretty sure if Jason was well versed in obstetrics and gynecology that he would know is not called her “Jean-a-col-o-gist!” The poor “littleman” has no clue.
    But tonight was worse than the last and SHAME on Bravo if they don’t cut him out next week! Why was he on this week. Bravo has plenty of Petitioners that have signed to remove him.
    PLEASE Bravo do not give him time of day bc Kylen accepted this behavior until tonight. PLEASE don’t let all of our daughters think the same is ok. Go…run GF…run

  24. Ugh I’m typing so angrily I messed up again. I meant TLC and NOT Bravo. They would never accept this.

    Yet the LEARNING CHANNEL that almost speaks that you are educating people on topics to which they are uninformed, basically says yes, this is okay by airing it.

  25. I can barely what and listen to Jason who I vote him the biggest DUMB A**, chauvinistic, controling, verbally abusive pig of 2022! Kylen needs to sprint as fast as she can go away from that spoiled little B****! Isn’t his parents full on embarrassed. His crudeness is a direct reflection on how his parents raised him. To look at him and listen to his mouth makes me physically ILL!!!!!!!!!!!!

  26. The way he treats her is unreal. She will regret treating her parents the way she does. She will despise him when something happens to her dad or mom. Sad situation.

  27. What a punk! I wanted to go to that hospital and kick his ass myself. This poor girl…his parents ave raised a horrible kid…and let him get away with acting this way. If I were her parents I would be at the hospital no matter what he said. She’s a child…it’s sad to watch…shame on you TLC

  28. Although difficult to watch I do not endorse removing them from the show-better to have his abuse documented for public broadcast. His behavior is not uncommon amongst teen age boys, maybe it will help wake up teen age girls in similiar circumstances.

  29. A few years from now he won’t even be in the picture. Her family will be there but it doesn’t sound like her dad will be. It breaks my heart. She’s young and dumb. He’s just a jerk. His parents did such a fine job of raising him and should be so proud. 🙄 She doesn’t understand how lucky she is to have two parents that love her and want to be in her life. Not everyone is as lucky.

  30. There are no words for how vile and unimaginably ignorant this narcissist is. He is clearly mentally ill. He will always be getting in trouble, into fights, arrested, etc. He will always blame someone else for his utterly disgusting behavior. His delusions are so far progressed that he actually believes he knows more than anyone around him. This pattern will continue until he is either in jail for a very long time or dead. I am heartbroken for this poor girl and her baby. I hope she finds the strength within herself to do what is necessary and leave his ass for good. He is going to be a traumatizing and horrific example of what a man should be for his son. Nauseating.

  31. OMG I hate this smart mouth disrespectful little brat. He doesn’t have any good qualities. He is an asshole, mean, gross looking, unemployed, not going to school. Absolutely useless waste of skin. I blame his sissy ass parents for not putting a foot up his ass a long time ago.

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