Uncle Dale Mills Addresses Rumors He’s Feuding With Adam Busby

Adam Busby - Dale - Instagram

OutDaughtered fans have grown worried there was tension between Uncle Dale Mills’ family and Adam Busby’s family. Turns out, fans took notice of Uncle Dale not really popping up much in Adam or Danielle’s social media profiles. Fans found this to be both baffling and concerning as they thought the Mills family and the Busby family were pretty close. One fan decided to get to the bottom of it in the comments of Uncle Dale’s recent post on Facebook.

The fan questioned what happened between Uncle Dale and Adam Busby’s family.

Uncle dale - Adam busby - Instagram
Uncle dale – Adam busby – Instagram

Uncle Dale Mills addresses concerns of the family feud

Uncle Dale Mills has always been pretty responsive with his fans. So, it wasn’t too surprising to see him address concerns of a family feud. He noted that there was nothing going on between him and Adam that he could recall.

The humor that fans love him for proceeded to be woven into the rest of his response. He jokingly chuckled and noted at least he “hoped” there wasn’t any tension between him and Adam because the Busbys were currently watching his children.

The fan clarified the concern stemmed from never seeing them spend much time together. Uncle Dale responded again joking that Adam charges him to take pictures these days.

'OutDaughtered' Uncle Dale/YouTube
‘OutDaughtered’ Uncle Dale/YouTube

The Busbys lean on him pretty heavily

Those who follow Uncle Dale Mills and the Busby family on social media know that Adam and Danielle lean pretty heavily on him. He is always the one who steps up to take care of the girls when they need a babysitter. He and his wife get a lot of praise as it is no easy task for him and his wife to take in so many girls in addition to caring for his own children.

Fans miss Uncle Dale and the Busby family

Fans continue to plaster Uncle Dale’s posts as well as the Busby posts with one simple question. When will they return to television? Sadly, TvShowsAce does not believe OutDaughtered will renew for another season per cryptic comments Adam has made on Instagram. Fans believe Adam and Danielle are trying to find the right way to tell everyone the show is not returning.

Adam Busby and Uncle Dale via YouTube
Adam Busby and Uncle Dale via YouTube

Do you think this fan was reaching in thinking Uncle Dale Mills and Adam Busby had some kind of feud going on? Let us know in the comments. And, keep coming back for the latest on the Busby family.

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  1. I love outdaughtered. Also love Uncke Dale and how great he & his family is with the girls. I miss that show & wish TLC would give us an update on the family

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