Real Reason Zach & Tori Roloff Moved Away Revealed?

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Zach and Tori Roloff shocked LPBW fans the day they revealed they moved from Utah to Washington. While they argued they weren’t THAT far from their family, there is a noticeable distance between them and Roloff Farms now. Little People, Big World fans couldn’t help but wonder if there was a reason the family picked up and moved away. Some fans even grew concerned this meant Zach and Tori were done filming. Tori, however, reassured fans on Instagram that moving didn’t mean they were done with the TLC show.

An explosive trailer for Little People, Big World‘s new season recently dropped on Instagram. And, fans think the tension in the trailer might’ve spilled the real reason Tori and Zach moved away.

LPBW Tori Roloff - Zach Roloff Youtube
LPBW Tori Roloff – Zach Roloff Youtube

Did Matt Roloff drive Tori and Zach away?

The hearts of LPBW fans ache as they watch this latest explosive trailer. The trailer reveals the very foundation of the family is starting to crumble. After debating all last season, Zach and Tori finally decided to put an offer in on Roloff Farms. As those who follow the family on social media know, this offer was NOT accepted.

The trailer hints that Matt wanted a lot more money than Zach and Tori were willing to pay. Matt noted that Zach didn’t approach the situation wanting to work out the deal. Zach argued that Matt was more interested in money than keeping Roloff Farms in the family.

Little People Big World - Matt Roloff - Zach Roloff - Youtube
Little People Big World – Matt Roloff – Zach Roloff – Youtube

Did this tension cause Zach and Tori Roloff to move away?

Some fans are not speculating that Matt Roloff and Zach not being able to come to terms with the property was the breaking point for their relationship. Fans speculate that when Matt and Zach couldn’t agree on a price, Zach decided it was time to put some distance between his family and the property.

Will Roloff Farms stay in the family?

LPBW fans are concerned the property might not stay in the family at this point. Matt isn’t getting any younger. Eventually, he will pass away. What happens to the property when that happens? Some fear Caryn Chandler may take over the property.

There, however, is some new speculation that Matt may be gearing up to give the property to Jacob and Isabel Roloff. The two have been spotted spending more and more time on the property. Likewise, Jacob hasn’t financially benefited from the show the same way as his siblings. And, he frequently complains about how difficult finances are on social media.

Zach and Tori Roloff/YouTube
Zach and Tori Roloff/YouTube

Do you think Matt Roloff refusing to bring the price down drove Zach and Tori Roloff to move away? Let us know what you think in the comments. And, keep coming back for more on the Roloff family.

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  1. It is obvious that Matt is more interested in making a profit than keeping the family in the farm. Zach is right on and I do not blame them for moving away. Just hope that Caryn never gets her hands on it. That would be a very bad move on Matt’s side. Matt should stop being wishy washy about the property once and for all. Either keep it or sell it. PERIOD

  2. This is Matt’s legacy, but if I were him my son would most definitely come first, and he better get a prenuptial agreement before he marries Caryn or else his children would be left out completely and everything would go to hers. The Roloff name should be his children legacy too.#prenupforsure.

  3. A legacy is not apiece of property or how much money you have, it’s your children and grandchildren. I think its sad that those grandkids won’t enjoy running around on that property and Matt Roloff is going to miss out on watching that and having them around, and all of those special little moments with them that he could of experienced. When he’s to old to maintane that property and he’s stuck out there he might be wishing things went the other way. How much land does one person need? Especially when there’s no one to enjoy it with Sooo sad he doesnt see that!

  4. it will all come back karma on matt when he sells it and someone comes in and tears it all down. serves him right. He selfishly destroyed this family.

  5. I just watched the first episode of the season and if I were Matt, first thing I would do is dump Caryn. She sat there talking against his kids, and family. How awkward things were. No body speaks to me or makes comments about my child, family. No wonder, Jeremy, Molly and now Zach left. Jacob won’t benefit either. Matt seems to love his pumpkins better than his kids. I would have happily made a deal with my son for the farm and land he wanted to buy. His excuse, Zach would expect him to take care of it, living the farm life is a lifestyle. All BS. When he sells his “legacy” to a stranger, they won’t give a care what he says and will tell him to get off of their property. And the way he treated the mother of his children, he is shameful. Matt, more than likely, ends up an old lonely man, with Caryn getting a chunk of his kid’s inheritance. One other word of advice for Amy, you got away from the master manipulator, now Chris and you should focus on each other and stay away from him. Free tickets to Arizona to hang with those two, I would rather have a root canal. Hanging with Matt and Caryn, no thanks.

  6. I think Matt should sell all of it and go live in Arizona. Regardless of the amount of money Matt wanted for HIS property, I think Zack really did a sickening thing, telling Jaxson to tell Matt they were moving. I’m sure things could have eventually worked out, I think Zack’s agenda was to get even with Matt by moving. When Matt didn’t give Zack the reaction he wanted it ticked Zack off. I watched the show, and that’s the impression I got. It was written all over his face talking about how Matt would receive the news of them moving. It seems like people don’t understand, Matt made that entire farm with his hard work. Matt said it was probably best with them not getting the farm because it wouldn’t be fair to his other kids. Neither Zack or Tori have a job and I think they are spoiled, lazy, snots who are holding the grandkids over Matt’s head. Amy isn’t any help either, she’s just a bitter old hag, wanting to get even with Matt any way she can. Zack and Amy are both whining babies. Get over it.

    1. I do not think that Matt is the whole problem. Zack and Tori are acting extremely self-centered and entitled. They wanted Matt to sell the farm to them at what they thought was a decent price and did not even attempt to negotiate. It was going to be their way or the highway and, it looks like it was the highway! When you have four children, you do have to be careful about how much you give to just one child. The other three could potentially end up with next to nothing and, not that you have to leave a family fortune to your children, but if you can afford to, then you would expect that each child would benefit equally. Zack and Tori are not doing too awful if they just bought a $944,000 home. Who among us can do that these days? And Tori is acting like an extremely childish witchy woman all because they didn’t get their way. She’s rude and obnoxious, rolling her eyes and saying she doesn’t even want to visit the farm, despite the fact that her children still love it. Talk about a child! I can’t believe she was a teacher. Zach keeps looking for an apology from Matt saying that it’s all his fault when in reality, Zach needs to take a little responsibility too. They need to agree to disagree eventually for the sake of those children but neither one of them is without fault in this matter.

  7. I just watched the first episode and I was disappointed in the way Matt is behaving toward his family. I’ve watched from the beginning and saw the children run around and play and grow up on the farm. Matt has a very sporadic self centered attitude, but I thought everything he did was eventually for his children. He’s said over 1000 times that he wanted a legacy for his children so they would have the farm, but apparently that is BS. If he had been married to Amy I don’t thing he would’ve tried to get rich off his children. I do believe Caryn impacts what he does and not in a positive way. She repeated over and over it’s a business deal, it’s not personal. But the reality is it was personal, What is the point of saying you’re building the farm so your children can have a legacy and then not allow them to live there. He makes money from all the things the farm does so Matt could afford to give them a reduced price. Matt’s other son Jeremy also offered a price to his dad for a section of the farm and he also turned down his deal. No wonder, Jeremy, Molly and now Zach left. I guess no one will end up with the farm. Hopefully, he leaves it to his children and not Caryn. But when you step out on your wife with the hired help then place her in everyones face it can cause issues. He let her cause a wedge between himself and his children and that is something he will have to live with

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