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Raven Gates Gottschalk Talks Couples Therapy With Adam

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Raven Gates and Adam Gottschalk became a fan favorite couple when they met and fell in love on Bachelor in Paradise Season 4 in 2017. Now, they are married and welcomed their first son earlier this year. Since falling in love and starting a family can be so hard, Raven shared info on what she and Adam have done to keep their relationship strong. She opened up about how she and Adam have attended therapy. Keep reading to learn more.

Raven Gates Gottschalk talks couples therapy with Adam

People shared what Raven Gates Gottschalk had to say about the preventative therapy she and Adam have done together. Why did they opt to go this route? Raven said on a recent episode of Click Bait With Bachelor Nation that she and Adam wanted to do everything they could to make sure their marriage lasts.

So, Raven revealed they went to premarital counseling. They didn’t do it because they were having issues, they wanted to prevent major issues from surfacing.

Raven said, “We have done every sort of therapy you can think of. Not because we needed it, we did it preventatively.” She continued, “We come from two different backgrounds. We’re two different religions. He’s from California. He was raised differently. I’m from the South. I was raised with just my momma, and he was raised with a whole crew of people.”

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She went on to say, “We knew we had major differences on those kinds of things, so we had pre-marital counseling. We had counseling before we had children. We had inter-faith counseling. … We did, like, getting ready for a family counseling. So we did all of that and worked it out.”

What did they learn?

Raven shared that going to therapy helped her and Adam learn how to navigate through obstacles that come their way. She knows there will be curveballs and unexpected things happen and now they know how to better cope when those situations arise. Therapy helped them build a strong foundation.

Raven said, “Like, we don’t want divorce. We want each other to be successful. Our family is a unit is the most important. So, that kind of foundation makes it easier to navigate the troubled waters when we get into them.”

Things are going great for Raven and Adam. They are loving being new parents. Plus, they just celebrated their one-year wedding anniversary.

Raven Gates via Insta

Raven’s advice for BIP Season 8 contestants

Raven is very grateful for what the show has given her. Now, as Season 8 prepares to film, Raven has some advice for those heading to the beach. She said, “That’s what frustrates me about Bachelor in Paradise sometimes is that people can get overlooked. My advice is to go for the guy in the corner. He would probably treat you very well and probably has a great job and you guys can have amazing chemistry in the bedroom. Just go for it! It’s always the quiet ones you miss out on.”

It will be interesting what new couples pair up during Season 8.

What do you think about Raven and Adam going through couples therapy to help their relationship?



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