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Did Amy Roloff Make A Huge Mistake?

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Did Amy Roloff make a huge mistake? Little People, Big World fans seem to be in agreement that she did. What mistake do fans think she made exactly? Keep reading for the details.

Explosive new LPBW trailer drops

A new season of LPBW is approaching and a new explosive trailer dropped on Instagram over the weekend. The trailer revealed the foundation of the family is starting to crumble around them. At the end of the trailer, Amy Roloff noted the family couldn’t go back and change things to happen differently than they did. Some fans can’t help but wonder if Amy is reflecting on a big mistake she made last season. Is she regretting a decision she made that fans now believe was a colossal mistake?

Tori Roloff/Zach Roloff/Amy Roloff/Instagram
Tori Roloff/Zach Roloff/Amy Roloff/Instagram

Fans accuse Amy Roloff of a big mistake

The new season of LPBW appears to highlight Matt Roloff trying to decide what to do with Roloff Farms. He’s always been pretty open about wanting the property to stay in the family. Fans just assumed Tori and Zach Roloff would take over because they were the most involved. Fans, however, know Jeremy and Audrey tried to get in on the action, but Matt rejected their offer.

According to the trailer, it appears as if Matt and Zach are unable to agree on a price for a portion of the property. Matt seems to want money and Zach wants a good deal and to keep the legacy in the family. Unable to agree, some fans believe this is what really drove Zach and Tori to move away.

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Digging deeper into the issue, however, fans are a bit baffled. If Tori and Zach Roloff wanted a portion of the property… Why didn’t Amy Roloff sell her property to her son instead of her ex-husband? LPBW fans now believe Amy made a huge mistake selling the property to her ex-husband. And, they think she should have held on a little longer and sold it to her son instead.

Do you agree with fans that Amy Roloff should have sold her portion of Roloff Farms to her son Zach and his wife Tori? Do you think Matt and Zach not coming to a deal is what drove them to move away? Who will Matt pass the property to? Share your thoughts in the comments. And, keep coming back for more.

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    1. Business is business. Amy wanted the amount of money she received from Matt. Zach acts like he is entitled but actually I think he would not have been good for the farm. He is a bit lazy.

  1. I agree that Amy could have sold the property to Zach but she wanted more money so she held on .Zach and Tori are both kind of lazy and think they are entitled kids. All they know is having more kids and sticking them in front of a camera.$$$$$$$$$$..

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