‘Bachelor In Paradise’ Fave Carly Waddell Back In The Dating World?

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Carly Waddell has been a fan favorite for quite some time among Bachelor fans. She met her now ex-husband Evan Bass on Bachelor in Paradise. The two had a rocky start but in the end, she fell in love. They got engaged, married and had two children. Unfortunately, things didn’t work out between them. Now, since she’s been separated for more than a year and a half, is Carly finally ready to date again?

Is Carly Waddell ready to date again?

Hollywood Life shared what Carly Waddell had to say about if she’s ready to date again. Carly says that she is now in a way different place than she was when she and Evan first split up. They decided to separate the day after Thanksgiving of 2020. They announced to Bachelor Nation in December 2020.

Now, Carly has had time to heal from her heartbreak. She revealed that she is in fact ready to put herself back out there.

Carly said, “I was at the bottom and now I feel like I’ve risen. I feel like I’ve found myself again. I’m doing things for myself again. 2022, I’m putting myself out there this year. I’m putting out music this year.” She continued, “I’m going to start dating again. I’m gonna maybe get some extensions again. I’m getting back in the game!”

Carly Waddell and her daughter via insta

How she feels now

Carly says she feels better every day. As time goes on she realizes that time really does heal all wounds. She said she gets less sad and she’s learning how to do things for herself. Carly basically said it’s hard to sometimes remember that self-care is important too. All too often mothers focus on their children and forget there is life outside of that too.

She said now she feels like everything is really going to be okay.

Carly is even back to promoting items again. She is teaming up with Jade Roper to talk about taboo subjects such as bladder leaks. Fans have always been able to rely on both these ladies to keep it real.

Carly Waddell Instagram Pic
Carly Waddell Instagram Pic

She said, “I don’t have any time in my life to be fake. I think I just really like being real, I like being honest. It makes me feel, honestly, just better as a human. I feel like people relate to you so much more. I think as a mom, all these topics that we have considered ‘taboo’ and things people haven’t talked about, especially generations before us, I just think it’s so important for us now to be real and honest.”

What do you think about Carly being ready to date again?

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