’90 Day Fiance’ Yara Zaya Kicked Out For Showing Too Much Skin?

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90 Day Fiance star Yara Zaya has a killer postpartum body. Yet what happens when she wants to sunbathe and just relax? Apparently, that is not allowed for someone such as herself as she learned recently.

Yara Zaya Makes Her 90 Day Fiance Mark

Viewers first met Yara in Season 8 of the series. She appeared alongside Jovi Dufren from New Orleans. The couple initially met on a dating app while Jovi was traveling in Ukraine. It was only meant to be a one-time thing but the two fell for each other and realized maybe this could be more. Ultimately, their trysts resulted in a pregnancy and Jovi decided to propose to Yara. She soon prepared to move to America but unfortunately suffered a miscarriage. Still, she came over anyway and they went ahead with their plans to get an apartment and start a happy life. However, Jovi was super close to his mother and she worried Yara was not completely genuine in her intentions. She feared her son was being used and did not want that.


In the midst of everything, Yara got pregnant again so the couple took off to Las Vegas and got married. Occasionally, she would struggle with Jovi’s party boy ways. Fortunately, they seem to have settled down and settled into married life. Their daughter Mylah was born in September 2020 and the two have become mainstays on the spinoff Pillow Talk. They also appeared on Happily Ever After? and quickly became fan favorites. Throughout it all, Yara has been quite the trooper but she is learning not everyone is as accepting as she would like them to be.

Rejected By Society

Yara just wanted to sit out by the pool and enjoy her day. That was not about to be the case. As she shared on her social media, she was asked to leave due to the nature of her bikini. The reality star was sitting at the pool in a white bikini when she was apparently kicked out of it. She added that she always believed America was a free country but she is seeing things very differently. Jokingly, Yara noted that she had no idea she needed to wear “pants and a jacket” to sunbathe.


She went on to add she will only be tanning at her home pool and not out in public if the rules continue to be so harsh. In the post, she is seen in said bikini, eating fruit. It does not appear to be a scandalous swimming suit by any means though she does not mention where she is at either. Not that it matters as she should be proud of her body a year and a half postpartum. Yara looks fabulous and women should be lifted up not shut down.

What do you think of her getting kicked out of the pool for her bikini? Let us know in the comments and watch 90 Day Fiance Sundays on TLC.


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