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Hannah Brown Admits Turning To Alcohol In Tough Times

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Former Bachelorette Hannah Brown admits at one time in her life she turned to alcohol to help her through tough times. Now, she’s sharing even more about the struggles she faced and why she turned to alcohol as a coping mechanism. Keep reading to find out more.

Hannah Brown opens up about alcohol consumption

The former Bachelorette and Dancing With the Stars champ opened up more about how she turned to consuming alcohol to help her. US Weekly shared what she had to say. Hannah said it wasn’t easy seeing herself on the television screen every Monday night for an entire year.

Before that time she never really drank much. Then she found herself drinking more and more. She didn’t know how to handle all the publicity and living her life in the public eye.

Hannah said, “[I] have always lived with a smile on my face and, you know, tried to pretend like everything was OK. But then when I was at home by myself, the only thing that was really giving me comfort was a glass of wine.”

Hannah Brown | Instagram

It got worse as time went on. She didn’t know how to get help for her issues and she was struggling. She admits she was not in a good place. Hannah said she, “started drinking at 11 a.m. — and never really stopped. … I’d been drinking more. Sometimes a lot more. It was another way of avoiding the big problems, I guess.”

When it got worse for her

Hannah noted that her drinking got significantly worse when she broke off her engagement with Jed Wyatt. She had discovered he had a girlfriend, Haley. In fact, Haley is still in Hannah’s life and is marrying her brother Patrick.

Things continued to take her on a downward spiral when things didn’t work out with Peter Weber and Tyler Cameron either.

Hannah Brown and Tyler Cameron via YouTube
Hannah Brown and Tyler Cameron via YouTube

Hannah said, “It was really interesting to see how it goes from one glass of wine, two glasses of wine, three glasses of wine, tequila.” She continued, “I’ve definitely reassessed how alcohol is a part of my life… You just are not going to find what your heart needs in that. I think just a lot of people, we do that. We kind of fill a void. I was definitely finding myself in that cycle.”

Hannah sought out the help she needed and is in a good place. She credits finding her boyfriend Adam Woolard as something that helped her past her struggles.

Hannah Brown | Instagram

Now, Hannah doesn’t feel the need to turn to alcohol when things get rough.

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