‘MAFS’ Season 14 Spoilers: Who Stays Together On Decision Day?

Married at First Sight

It’s finally almost decision day for the Season 14 MAFS couples. Many fans believe this season has been too drama-filled and are ready for it to be over. But, as the big day moves in closer, fans are also wondering what these couples will decide to do. Will they elect to stay married or will they call it quits and get divorced? Warning! Potential Spoilers Ahead!

MAFS Season 14 couples have a decision to make

It’s been a long time coming but the MAFS Season 14 decision day is almost here. The big day will be May 11 on Lifetime. So, with the couples having to decide to part ways or remain married, what will each choose?

According to MAFSfan on Instagram, the following is what is believed to have happened on decision day and the time following. These are not all confirmed but should be fairly close to accurate according to the site.

MAFS mark the shark

It is predicted that Lindsey and Mark will decide to stay married on decision day. However, it is believed they do not make it and are not currently together.

MAFS Lindsey and Mark via YouTube
MAFS Lindsey and Mark via YouTube

Jasmina and Michael have had their fair share of issues all season. It finally wears them down and they will decide to divorce on decision day. They do not rekindle their marriage.

Jasmina and Michael via YouTube
Jasmina and Michael via YouTube

Olajuwon and Katina have also had some issues. Many fans weren’t happy with how he expected Katina to do so much. So, what will their decision be? According to MAFSfan, they will decide to stay married. However, it is unknown at the current time if they are still together.

'MAFS' Season 14: Fans Think Olajuwon Should Have Stayed Single

Steve and Noi have been fan favorites until recently. Many are annoyed at how Noi seems immature. A lot of fans believe Steve is a gem and she should hold on tight. Will they make it?

According to spoilers, Steve and Noi did decide to remain married on decision day. Plus, all signs point to them still being together currently.

Of course, everyone knows Alyssa and Chris ended their marriage very early in the process.

Alyssa and Chris MAFS
Alyssa and Chris MAFS

Other episodes to watch for

Other Married at First Sight episodes coming up includes the reunion shows. There will be part one and part two. Fans can catch part one of the reunion on May 18. Part two will air the following week on May 25. So far a date for the Where Are They Now episode has not been scheduled.

What do you think about these predictions for decision day? Are you ready for Season 14 to come to an end?

Click here to see who’s still together currently!



Jamie Colclasure


  1. I’m over this season of MAFS! There is an immature partner in each marriage that won’t let it woke except Katina has been so passive to make it work. The things he has said to her would make most women run, not walk! Bring on a new batch and have more than the 3, so called, experts pick the couples. Their track record hasn’t been great!

    1. Totally agree. The 3 experts should not be called counseling experts. The minister shouldn’t be involved in a show where they call marriage “an experiment”. Marriage is not a joke. It is not an experiment and should not be taken lightly.
      The program they use to match people is obviously a disaster or the divorce rate would not be so high. The “Experts” should have already discovered that there is failures all over the program.

  2. I love the show, married at first sight, however, I am by myself. I am 71 years young. I would love to be on my latter journey with a gentleman. So why not couple the older generation, except with most of us being independent at this stage, this probably wouldn’t work at first site. I would really love to be out there with a compatible Christian man.

  3. This Season is the absolute ‘WORST People’ to be on the show! Hideous personality’s…cringe-worthy and even if Steve and ANNOYIng are still together I feel so sorry for him! she is so fake and shallow! ewww…ugly alligator! when olojuwan opens his mouth only fake comes out…Mark is a WUS…Lindsey shut the Eff up already and your laugh would drive any man to his last nerve…Michael you better ride your Wife Jasmina to me she is the only sweet good real one!

    1. Agreed! Alligator-selfish Noi is not ready for marriage. Lindsey is a trashy big mouth alky. Olajuwon is mean, selfish and immature, Katina RUN! Michael, Mark and Steve are nice guys stuck with selfish mates

  4. No one should should stay
    together plesse run Michael run please mark run…..and katina please for the love of God fky away from him

  5. This has been a very messed up group this season. I’m so ready for season 15. I miss the episode’s with the couples who stayed together after their season ended. It was nice seeing them staying together and their ups and downs in real life and their adventures together.

  6. The experts got it wrong again on episode 14! I’m giving up on this show. It seems as if they are marching these couples intentionally with partners they don’t want. If someone says their no go is bad teeth WHY give them someone with horrible teeth?? It’s not going to work physical attraction is real!

  7. Don’t you ever wonder if producers push for certain couples, cuz they know it will be explosive? Or, push for a certain person, who often clearly isn’t ready for marriage? Conflict and drama sells; not many will watch couples quickly settle into a repetitive tedium with little or no volatility.

    I mean, pairing Alyssa and Chris… c’mon.

    1. Agreed, I think they’re more for the drama than the actual successful marriages. Why did Alyssa even make it past the interviews? They didn’t see the shallowness she exudes?

  8. MAFS tonight…
    Sorry but if the program had the Rizzo voice all the time : I m sorry but I could not listen to it. Hight pitch yelling voice : got a headache after 5 minutes.

  9. This is the worst season ever and an embarrassment to the city of Boston. Time to switch out the experts or change up the format because difficult to watch.

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