Janelle Brown Dumps Savanah On Kody & Robyn, Parties In Portugal?


Janelle Brown was lucky enough to win a trip to Portugal. She has been showcasing the amazing time she is having on her Instagram. Yet what about her youngest child Savanah? What happened to her while Janelle went on her lavish vacation? Apparently, she is not happy with her current living arrangements.

 Janelle Brown, Defender Of Children

During the pandemic, Kody was on a rampage. He decided he would be the only one traveling from home to home. Therefore, he wanted to ensure all of the wives and kids would be following his pandemic protocols. Both his second and third wives, Janelle and Christine believed that they were a tad excessive. Though they were following strict guidelines set forth by the CDC, Kody and Robyn were abiding by rules that far exceeded anything they had seen. For Kody, he believed that Janelle’s sons were being disobedient. She had three children living with her at the time: sons Gabriel and Garrison and daughter Savanah. Gabe was in college and had a girlfriend while Garrison was working and needed papers to drive down the street to his job.


To Kody, the boys were far too social and felt they should not even be leaving the home for the safety of the whole family. Janelle stood up for her kids and maintained they should be living their lives just as they were. She even said she would choose her kids over her husband any day. As for Savanah, she was in high school and had been remote learning, her social life gone. She told her brothers if she could do it, so could they. At that point, she wanted their dad to come around and they were making it impossible. Plus, they were fighting with him so it was a constant struggle. Now, Savanah still lives at home but what happens when her mother wins a big trip?

Savanah And The Happy Family?

According to a since-deleted Reddit post, Janelle Brown appears to have left Savanah with Kody and Robyn. Let’s rewind. There was an awards event at the school that Breanna (Robyn’s daughter) and Savanah attend. The post revealed that Kody, Robyn, and Breanna were there with Savanah. Apparently, Robyn and Kody sat at the event looking miserable the whole time while the post also shared that Breanna and Savanah do not acknowledge each other at school, either. This comes from someone claiming their child goes to the same school as the girls.


Whether this is true or not is to be seen but Redditors had a lot of thoughts about Savanah being stuck with the not-so-happy couple. “If this is true and seems like it is…why would Janelle leave Savanna in a uncomfortable situation. Why aren’t the girls friends…I hope that’s the part that might be inaccurate,” one person commented. Another added: “I think Jenelle is off doing her and I love it but I do feel bad that Savannah had to stay with those two losers.”


Some question if they were just there together since the girls attend the same high school. Plus, it does look good for Kody to be there for Savanah’s big night. Yet if she’s uncomfortable being with him and Robyn, why would she have to stay with them while Janelle is on vacation? Other Redditors think there is a chance she may not have actually stayed with her dad but he was more or less checking in on her. There were other options such as Meri’s home but she has not gotten the most favorable reviews from Janelle’s children.

Do you think Janelle should have left Savanah in an uncomfortable environment while she was off having a blast? Let us know in the comments.

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  1. Savanah is always wanting her dad so shes got him moodyness and all, she would never believe it if she didnt see it and Janelle so deserves some time to herself after all the sh*t shes had from Kody. Well done Janelle, enjoy yourself xxx

  2. Their daughter was not dumped, it’s Kodys responsibility as well as her moms to take care of her, and it’s about time he time in with her

  3. He act like the kid he had by other wife’s are not his like every child Robyn he is the father no wonder his older kid doesn’t respect him

  4. He is her Dad….. Yes maybe the step kids don’t get along that is life….. Sometimes you as a child just have to suck it up when a parent goes on vacation. She is with her Dad…. In reality her dad and stepmom….

  5. All the wives should take their children to let Cody lookout for them since he has never done that in their lives. I say go have a great time and let him have some responsibility for them.

  6. Kody is her father. Of course he should have her while her mom is away. Not every day is a bed of roses.

  7. Jamelle deserves a vacation and Kody is Savannah’s dad.
    So have fun with your daughter like you do your step daughter

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