Fans Livid Over Janelle Brown Ditching Savanah’s Award Day For Trip?


Janelle Brown is off having a great time in Portugal. Yet fans believe she shirked her responsibilities as a mother in Flagstaff. Her youngest daughter Savanah has a big day but Janelle was not in attendance. Now she is getting a lot of heat for missing out and sending another mother in her place.

Janelle Brown Lives Her Best Life

The one thing about Janelle is that she was always extremely focused and dedicated. When the family was living in their one home in Utah, the mother of six admitted she loved to work. She was lucky enough to have a sister wife, Christine who was the main homemaker who took care of their children, both educating and preparing dinner for them. For her part, Janelle would get up at sunrise to be at work and return at around seven. She noted that cooking and cleaning were not for her so the polygamist lifestyle allowed her the freedom to pass that off. It also enabled her to go out for the evening with the help of a sister wife.


Once the family left Utah for Vegas, Janelle ventured into real estate as well as the MLM community. She even was the listing agent on the Vegas homes when the Browns relocated to Flagstaff. Living in Flagstaff was great for Janelle. She loved the outdoors and getting to be with nature. Her MLMs did so well, it allowed her to travel with her family, most recently to Disney World. As for her marriage to Kody, that took a huge dip during the pandemic since he was reluctant to come by her home. He had set forth strict pandemic protocols for the family but he did not believe her sons, Gabe and Garrison followed them.  Janelle maintained her kids came before her husband yet the only child who followed his rules was her daughter Savanah.

Ditching Savanah

Savanah tried to reason with her brothers about social distancing in order to get their dad to come around. Unfortunately, they did not listen and Janelle Brown continued to butt heads with Kody. Now, with Savanah in her last year of high school, she is being honored with an award. Unfortunately, her mother’s Portugal trip coincided with the award’s presentation and fans took to Reddit to express their frustration. Yet it was not that Janelle went on the vacation but more so who she left Savanah with. Apparently, Savanah was seen with her dad and Robyn who appeared miserable. She was also alongside Breanna, Robyn’s daughter and it was not the most pleasant experience for a girl winning awards.


“Personally I would have dropped her with Christine or brought her with me if I were Janelle,” one Redditor commented. As someone else noted, Christine lives in Utah now so the distance is not feasible. Others felt that since she is seventeen, Savanah could have stayed alone or with her brothers. They even felt Meri was a better option. This was a vacation Janelle won through Plexus so she obviously did not choose the timing. Assuming she could, she probably would not have missed the awards event.

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  1. Savannah wanted more time with her father, so this was a way to accomplish that. I don’t think it will happen again. Savannah is seeing the person her father really is. She will survive with a new outlook.

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