Temptation Island: Marissa Makes A Man Out Of Edgar [Credit: USA Network/YouTube]

‘Temptation Island’: Marissa Makes A Man Out Of Edgar

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Temptation Island contestant Edgar De Santiago is finally moving on from his girlfriend Gillian Lieberman. He allowed single Marissa Rodriguez to make a man out of him. In the past few weeks, Edgar has been emotional about Gillian’s desire to move on with another man.

Edgar De Santiago has become a new man

Each passing episode of Temptation Island Season 4 has gotten even messier. Fans see Edgar as the wimpiest and most emotional of the season. After his tearful confession from last week, he’s become a new man.

After he witnessed Gillian hooking up with Tommy Soltis, Edgar said he’s seen enough. But, he was relieved to see that they weren’t ready to do the deed yet. Even though he’s seen enough of Gillian’s actions, he still has feelings for his girlfriend.

Why did they come to Temptation Island?

Gillian requested that they join the cast of Temptation Island Season 4. She felt that she was too young to be locked down in a relationship. Gillian claims that she’s still young and should date as many men as possible. But once they got there, she was nervous and not ready to let him go.

She still wanted Edgar within her reach. In this case, he would be on the other side of Temptation Island, and she could watch his actions during the bonfire. Surprisingly, Edgar has watched all that Gillian’s been doing with Tommy.

Gillian quickly moved on with Tommy. Though they haven’t consummated their relationship, they still can’t keep their hands off each other. Meanwhile, Edgar thinks his girlfriend is “lying to herself” about her feelings for him.

Temptation Island: Edgar Is Over Gillian [Credit: USA Network/YouTube]
[Credit: USA Network/YouTube]

Gillian’s boyfriend pursues things with Marissa

After the latest bonfire on Temptation Island, Edgar spoke to Marissa. He told her that he was “releasing” Gillian from his life. He no longer cares what she does behind his back.

Edgar and Melissa decided to take things to the next level. The boys’ villa had a wild lingerie party. The single ladies had to dress up in sexy lingerie, as they tantalized the taken men.

Temptation Island: Edgar's Confessional [Credit: USA Network/YouTube]
[Credit: USA Network/YouTube]
Marissa and Edgar were caught up in the feelings of the sensual party. That’s when the dark-haired beauty decides to make a man out of Edgar that night. He slapped her booty as they walked into the bedroom.

Edgar and Marissa’s steamy night ended with a sleepover that was filled with moans. Both of them cuddled and smiled the next morning. They seemed satisfied with their decision.

Still angry with Gillian

Even though Edgar is happy with what happened with Marissa, he’s still upset with Gillian. He made that clear when it came to the option of sending his girlfriend a video message. When he received his message, he wasn’t impressed with it.

Gillian told Edgar how much she missed him and that she still loved him. Edgar said in his confessional that he’s still angry with Gillian. He still doesn’t think she’s not being honest about her feelings.

Meanwhile, Gillian isn’t happy with Edgar. His video message to her was short and cold. Gillian clearly looked disappointed.

Temptation Island: Gillian Isn't Happy
[Credit: USA Network/YouTube]
What are your thoughts on Gillian and Edgar’s relationship? Do you think they’ll get back together after their time on Temptation Island ends? Sound off below in the comment section.

Temptation Island airs Wednesdays at 10 p.m. ET on USA Network.

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