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Lifetime’s ‘Deadly House Call’ Is Deceptive Medical Thriller

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Nobody does medical thrillers like Lifetime. You don’t want to miss Deadly House Call on LMN.

This LMN deceptive thriller stars Joanne Jansen (Self Made: Inspired By The Lifetime Of Madam C.J. Walker, Friends With Benefits), Neville Edwards (Frankie Drake Mysteries, The Romanoffs), Sean Jones (Fallen Angels Murder Club: Heroes And Felons, A Sisterly Christmas), and Sierra Woolridge (A Daughter’s Revenge, A Deadly Vendetta).

Kevin Anders (debut), Erica Deutschman (For The Love Of Pasta, Kiss The Cook), and Shawn Riopelle (Ice Road Stalker, Stalked By A Prince) wrote the script. Max McGuire (Stalked By A Prince, Maps And Mistletoe) is the director.

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What Is Lifetime’s Deadly House Call About?

According to the Lifetime synopsis, A busy working mother hires a nurse to care for her wealthy father who has early-onset dementia. Soon a bizarre deception creeps into play when the seductive nurse makes a play for the family fortune.

When Can You Watch Lifetime’s Deadly House Call

The premiere of Deadly House Call is on Thursday, April 28, at 8 p.m., Eastern on LMN.

Stick Around For LMN’S Dramatic Thriller Dangerous Medicine

Why not stick around for another Lifetime medical thriller. Right after Deadly House Call, LMN is airing Dangerous Medicine. This chiller stars Leann Van Mol (The Downside Of Bliss, Untamed), Chris Cimperman (The Retreat, Neon Lights), Colton Royce (Road Trip Romance, In The Shadow Of The Moon), and Meredith Thomas (Stolen In Her Sleep, What’s My Name Again?).

According to the Lifetime synopsis, After losing the use of his legs in a car crash, Tony (Cimperman) is helped to walk again by Daphne (Van Mol), his physical therapist. But Daphne’s loving care soon morphs into a sick attempt to possess Tony forever.

Dangerous Medicine airs on Thursday, April 28, at 10 p.m. Eastern, on LMN.

Lifetime Dangerous Medicine, used with permission
Lifetime Dangerous Medicine, used with permission

Lifetime’s Malicious Motives Airs Before Deadly House Call

Can’t get enough of Lifetime’s medical drama thrillers? Then start your evening early with Malicious Motives. This airs at 6 p.m., Eastern on LMN.

Malicious Motives stars Revell Carpenter (Holiday Boyfriend, Deadly Debutantes: A Night To Die For), Juliana Destefano (Deadly Garage Sale, The Curse Of The Clown Motel), Carrie Schroeder (I Am Frankie, Why Women Kill), and Briana Femia (Sisters For Life, In The Shadows).

According to the Lifetime synopsis, Ashley (Carpenter) is a popular high school student in need of a liver transplant. Luckily, her social outcast classmate, Katie (Destefano), is her only donor match.

However, Ashley is unable to get her sister and legal guardian, Sasha’s (Femia), permission for the surgery.

Desperate to help Ashley in hopes of accessing her perfect life, Katie forges Sasha’s signature. But when Sasha finds out and threatens to reveal the operation as illegal, Katie kills her and frames it as a drug overdose.

Suspicious of Katie’s increasingly strange behavior, Ashley begins to question Katie’s motives.

Don’t miss Lifetime’s Deadly House Call on Thursday, April 28, at 8 p.m., Eastern, on LMN.

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