Lawson Bates’ Fiance Tiffany Espensen Can’t Stop Crying, Why?

Lawson Bates (Tiffany Espensen Instagram)

Lawson Bates’ fiance, Tiffany Espensen admitted to fans that she can’t stop crying. What has her feeling so emotional these days? Scroll down to read what she shared with fans.

In case you missed the news, Bringing Up Bates star Lawson will marry Tiffany next month. The duo is making all of the finishing touches on their wedding plans as they prepare for the next part of their lives together.

The couple purchased a home in Tennessee and are in the process of fixing it up. Last week, Tiffany traded in her California license for a Tennessee one. They’ll get married in San Diego in a few weeks, enjoy a romantic honeymoon, and settle down in their new house together.

Lawson Bates (Tiffany Espensen Instagram)
Tiffany Espensen Instagram

With so many changes ahead, it’s no surprise that Tiffany is getting teary-eyed. She admitted this to fans in a new social media post, sharing about what she’s going through right now.

Lawson Bates’ fiance Tiffany Espensen reveals she can’t stop crying.

As we reported, this week, Tiffany has been cleaning out her bedroom at her parents’ home, which is filled with many things from her childhood. She’ll be moving to Tennessee very soon and has lots of work to get done in the meantime.

Along the way, she’s dug up many old, beloved items. She recently showed off some of her never before seen photos from when she was a child.

Tiffany Espensen Instagram, Lawson Bates

Now, Tiffany is opening up about her emotions as she continues packing up her room and preparing for her next big adventure. She shared a video of herself talking to the camera as she sorts through the memories from over the years.

She said, “Moving is very hard and it comes with a lot of emotions.”

Lawson Bates’ fiance explains that she moved as a child, but she hasn’t moved to a completely different area before. She previously lived in Palm Springs with her family.

Along with sharing the video, Tiffany wrote, “I’ve cried maybe 100 times today. So many memories.”

Though this is a happy time with many big things ahead, this huge upcoming change is difficult.

Tiffany Espensen Instagram, Lawson Bates
Tiffany Espensen Instagram

So, are you eager to see Lawson Bates and Tiffany Espensen begin this next chapter of their life together? Can you relate to all of the emotions she’s currently going through? Tell us your thoughts in the comments section below. For more Bringing Up Bates news, come back to TV Shows Ace.

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