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Lifetime brings the chills in time for summer. They pose the question, have you ever had a feeling that you are being watched in your home or that someone is in your house? The network has an unforgettable hour of television that will have you hiding under the covers or calling your family on Monday, July 18, with the debut of Phrogging: Hider in My House.

Phrogging is the verb form of the noun “phrogger,” a person who has artfully tucked themselves away inside your home, unbeknownst to you.

But, of course, it’s an actual crime, and Lifetime is bringing this new true-crime programming to light.

This stranger-than-fiction thriller is all about the phenomenon of phrogging — people secretly living inside someone else’s home. From the person in the attic to the random person who found their way into the crawl space, each episode features two first-hand accounts of survivors sharing terrifying stories.

Phrogging explained

Phrogging occurs when an entry point to the home is breached, and the owner is unaware. Pic credit: Lifetime

Homes have all sorts of entry points, not just the front door.

Phroggers know their victims or have accessed the basement or the attic by casing the entire home and looking for these points to break in. How often do you do a perimeter check to ensure that all points are super secure?

Viewers will be inside the victim’s mind as denial and disbelief turn to the sick realization that they are not alone. Along with interviews and critical archival materials, Lifetime producers have created cinematic recreations of these events that show the clues and how the confrontations happened all to life.

Like the story of the boy that hid inside the walls of a family home, terrorizing teenage girls for months, this series proves that yes, there is a monster under the bed.

Celebrities have been victims.

Jenny on the block has had her issues. Singer Jennifer Lopez had a man living in her pool house in South Hampton for a week in 2013.

And actor Sandra Bullock had someone hiding in her closet in 2014. Actor Pamela Anderson had a homeless woman hiding in her house for days, while singer Rihanna had someone spending hours secretly in her home. Even Simon Cowell had a woman hiding in his closet back in 2012.

Marking the milk

One woman you will meet in Lifetime’s Phrogging event had to mark her milk and count soup cans to see if she imagined things or if someone was helping themselves when she was not home.

Intruders are clever in their deceptions, and their acts frequently embolden them as one woman was in the bath and heard footsteps above her.

Strange feelings and energetic telltale signs eventually lead the victim to have a full search of their home to flush out any phroggers.

You may want to have a full sweep of your home from the attic to the basement after you see this exclusive TV Shows Ace preview:

Phrogging: Hider in My House airs Monday, July 18, on Lifetime

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