Will There Be A TLC’s ‘Body Parts’ Season 2?

Body Parts from TLC

Body Parts was only set to be a limited series on TLC. However, fans really responded well to it. Fans really loved seeing Allison Vest coming up with new prosthetics for her patients. But what about Body Parts Season 2?

It only makes sense that fans want to see a second season of the show. But is TLC planning anything at the moment? Keep reading to see what TV Shows Ace uncovered.

The possibility of Body Parts Season 2 currently hangs in limbo

The first season of Body Parts explored the lives of patients who were missing various body parts. Allison Vest is an anaplastologist based out of McKinney, Texas. McKinney is located in the Dallas-Fort Worth area.

Viewers met one man who was missing a nose, a mother missing her hands, and so many more people. If there is a Body Parts Season 2, fans can probably expect to see more of the same.

However, it does not appear that TLC renewed the show for a second season. This doesn’t mean that they won’t — it just means that right now, the show is just limited to three episodes. Only time will tell if TLC decides to expand the show and order new episodes.

Body Parts/TLC

If you visit Allison Vest’s practice page, there is an FAQ section that mentions Body Parts.

“We are not currently seeking people for the show, but this may change in the future,” the page says. “If you would like to be considered for future casting please e-mail: [email protected].”

So there are no confirmed plans for Body Parts Season 2, but this part of the FAQ page gives fans a little bit of hope.

Body Parts/TLC

Hopeful fans argue that there’s definitely a lot of ground that Season 2 could cover. Viewers would even likely be interested in following up with Season 1’s patients.

Allison Vest goes above and beyond to help her patients

Without a doubt, there were many enjoyable patients on the first season of Body Parts. But notably, fans really seemed to connect to Easton, an eight-year-old boy that lost his ears in a dog attack.

Although Easton was young, he had a pretty admirable spirit and a hopeful outlook on life. By the end of the episode, Allison managed to set him up with a brand new set of ears. Viewers could hardly tell they weren’t the ears he was born with.

Did you love watching Body Parts on TLC? If you want there to be a Body Parts Season 2, be sure to let us know in the comments. In the meantime, keep following TV Shows Ace online for the latest information. Writers will keep fans updated and let them know if any news about the show breaks.

Stay tuned for more!

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  1. What an extremely talented woman!! Love this program! Please renew this interesting, fascinating show!

  2. Found Body Parts on TLC and find it to be an awesome show to watch. I am in awe at what Allison does for her clients. I really hope they renew this show for another season, as she is bringing hope to so many that thought all hope was gone! Please renew this show!!!

  3. PLEASE renew this show. It makes me cry tears of joy that she is able to help so many people and completely change their lives. PLEASE RENEW THIS SHOW. The country needs to feel good and positive about SOMETHING and this is it.

  4. My husband and I just love this show. Such a bright spot in these sometimes-depressing times. Please, please bring it back.

  5. Very interested in seeing season 2, please renew extra season’s. Shows how folks lead normal lives after devastating circumstances.

  6. This show needs a renewal. My sister needs some help restoring her confidence with the perfect prothetic eye

  7. I was so looking forward to more episodes of Body Parts and was so disappointed there were not more. A friend of mine was born with a partial leg and a small hand on her right side. She wears a prosthetic leg, so getting to know how they are made has been fascinating. Watching how lives can be changed by medical prosthetics was a happy emotional experience. The lives that touched me was the mother who received arms, restoring her the ability to hug her son.

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